3 things you should know to start a career in 3D modeling

Rohan Mathew

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The process of mounting 3-dimensional visuals and models of people, characters, and objects with the use of computer software is called 3D modeling. The process of 3D modeling brings life to places, actions, and especially people from a 1D view. Through 3D representation, people can easily understand the concept of a product or a thing. It is an enormous technology that is used in plenty of fields like architecture, engineering, movies, video games, and advertising. Each application tends to use different tools and processes for carrying out the modeling.

There are various types of software that are accessible for 3D modeling as we know that the technology of 3D modeling is used in a wide area to create a secure and huge career for experts. A 3D modeler is a professional that uses computer software to create three-dimensional models and bring life to objects and characters. With the introduction of the latest technologies in the 3D modeling field, more and more people are choosing this career to stay updated. There are many 3D modeling jobs available in fields like video production firms, game developing companies, software firms, production and manufacturing firms, graphic designing companies, and more.

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If you are planning to start a career in 3D modeling, then these are the things that you should know:

Education Required

Education requirements for a 3D modeler are different in all industries and based on their work. For instance, a 3D view of an object designed for the game development by a video game company and the design of a production firm meant for machining the product is the same. Both professionals require different knowledge and qualification. People interested in creating 3D models for animations and video games must opt for multimedia and art courses and 3D animation courses.

It is important to have a bachelor’s degree before you start to learn more about the 3D courses and tools; this will ensure that your career is rooted and safer. People who plan to work in engineering and architecture applications are also required to have a bachelor’s degree. For instance, to work in a manufacturing firm, an individual requires either a diploma in mechanical or engineering degree in mechanical. Then, the individual can learn about the different software and tools required for 3D modeling.

Career Path

3D modeling jobs play a crucial role in the development of numerous engineering and entertainment fields by combining the latest technologies with creative ideas. No doubt, 3D modeling is a spirited field, but it still makes an ideal career path for people who want to be 3D modelers and grow in 3D modeling. Unlike other jobs and fields, there are no career levels or ranking positions for 3D modelers and designers. It can be classified on the basis of knowledge and experience that one has acquired.

Fresher modelers are the interns or trainees who need to gain both knowledge and experience to gain better positions and grow in terms of their experience and salary. It is advised for freshers’ to get placed in good and reputed companies. Reputed companies can help individuals to work on better projects and get compensations and rewards for their work. Being updated with the trendiest technologies and acquiring knowledge on them is crucial in 3D modeling. Only these things will help you get placed in well-known companies and grow more. 3D modelers also tend to choose freelancing as their career path. Individuals also start their own business and work online on projects as a freelancer.

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Application Areas

There are many different industries that provide 3D modelers jobs. Let us know some of those industries:

Production and Manufacturing

The activities of product designing and modeling are done by manufacturing and production companies to develop the products. There is much software that is available for assembling and modeling products. This software provides a viewpoint to the designer about modeling the product.

Video games

The developers of video games tend to use 3D modeling software to design games‘ avatars and characters. 3D modeling software is quite helping and plays a great role in developing games.


In the animation process, the pictures are maneuvered to make images emerge as moving images. Animation makes the appearance of 3D images different. The 3D animation process created the 3D moving images into a digital background. All the images and animations are developed using 3D modeling software.


The prototype models of different structures and buildings are designed using 3D modeling software. Architects and civil engineers use 3D modeling software to plan, design, and develop projects. 3D modelers make ready the 3D modeling buildings of different environments and further finalize the product.

These are the three fields that you should gain knowledge on while planning to start a 3D modeling career.