3 Types of Storage Shelves That You Should Add to Your Home

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Whether you wish to free up your floor space or enjoy the large area in your room, if you want to add a lot of storage space, adding a shelf is another method to achieve the things you want. The shelf you will get can give extra storage space, and it can also be used as a design and feature to your home.

If you have no idea about shelves, there are endless options to choose from the market. With this guide, the best shelves’ list will be provided to you, and you can use it for future reference. This storage unit might sound ordinary, but many people love using them and making them their favorite part of an area. With that, here’s a list of storage shelves types you should add to your home.

Tier Wide Folding Metal Shelf

One of the favorite storage shelves types that people commonly use is the tier wide folding metal shelf. If you’re always impressed with a tier shelf unit type, I’m sure you will be blown away with this one. Although this storage shelf concept is basic, this tiered shelf can be used with benefits like tucking it out and folding it when you’re not using it. When using this shelf, the only setback is you lose the ability to add the materials you want.

However, you are still allowed to choose the color that you want to make the shelf blend in the area where you will place it. This storage shelf type is handy in places where you lack additional storage, and you need to reshuffle things frequently. For example, the pantry or storeroom is the perfect area for this shelf type. Rearranging your items is easy, and you can fold the shelf after using it.

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SoHo Shelves

The SoHo shelves are a favorite because of its functionality and popularity back in the 1970s in homes with loft-style of Soho. This type of shelves is a quite useful and straightforward ceiling to floor shelf. The shelving style of SoHo shelves can give your room a minimalistic, airy, and light vibe if you use it right.

This shelf is perfect for loft and big spaces, but it doesn’t mean you can use SoHo shelves in a small apartment. If you want to add it to small apartments, it would be possible to use the smaller wall so that the whole room is not overwhelmed, as mentioned before.

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Tier Shelf Unit

The tier shelf type is what people visualize when they think about shelves. The design of this shelf is quite basic and standard. However, basic doesn’t always translate to boring because tier shelves are the foundation of what you are trying to create. How a basic tier shelf will fit any area will depend on your preferred atmosphere, but it should complement the decoration surrounding it by its color and material.

While the design is pretty simple, you can add it to any place you want without stealing the spotlight for other decorations. Aside from simplicity, this shelf type is also versatile because you can buy them in different tier number. With that said, it means that it’s easy for you to get additional storage space from its fluid and simple design.


If you wish to add more storage space to your home, you better start using storage shelves for the easy and efficient storing system. Storage shelves are not expensive, and you can quickly get them without spending too much.