Which occupations will get the most Canada PR Visas in 2020?

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All occupations under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) 0, A, and B category are eligible to apply under the Express Entry Program of Canada. However, there is no denying the fact that some occupations are more in demand in Canada than others. It is no surprise then that some occupations end up getting a majority of the Canada PR Visas.

Now that Canada is on its road to recovery after the pandemic lockdown, it has revived its immigration efforts. Which occupation do you think will get the most number of Canada PR Visas through the Express Entry Program in 2020?

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Here is a look at the occupations that got the most number of Canada PR Visas in 2019:

Occupation &  NOC Code No. of Admissions in 2019
2011 – Professional occupations in natural and applied sciences 16,685
2016 – Professional occupations in business and finance 6,825
2011 – Specialized middle management occupations 5,320
2011 – 12 – Administrative occupations and financial and administrative supervisors 5,260
2011- 22 – Applied sciences and natural technical occupations 3,870
2011 – 40 – Professional occupations in education services 3,565
2011 – 63 – Specialized service occupations and Service supervisor 2,825
2011- 62 – Specialized sales occupations and Retail sales supervisors 2,415
2011- 41 – Professional occupations in law and social, community and government services 2,325
2011- 06 – Middle management occupations in retail and wholesale trade and customer services 2,185
Total Express Entry Admissions 1,09,595


15% of all Express Entry admissions in 2019 were IT professionals and engineers, including:

  • Software developers
  • Computer programmers
  • Computer engineers
  • Web designers
  • Chemical engineers

The following occupations are most likely to win the Canada PR Visa lottery in 2020:

  • Professional occupations in natural and applied sciences

Just like 2019, NOC 21 is most likely to dominate the Express Entry Program in 2020. Engineers and technology professionals are the most in-demand in Canada. The significant demand means that these professionals easily earn between CAD 60,000 to CAD 120,000 a year.


Occupations under NOC 21 are :

Code Occupation
211 Physical science professionals
212 Life science professionals
213 Civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers
214 Other engineers
215 Architects, urban planners, and land surveyors
216 Mathematicians, statisticians, and actuaries
217 Computer and information systems professionals


  • Professional occupations in business and finance

Auditors, Accountants, and Human Resource professionals are an integral part of a successful business.

Accountants easily earn between CAD 50,000 and CAD 100, 000 per year while HR professionals take home between CAD 60,000 and CAD 150,000.


Occupations under NOC 11

Code Occupation
111 Auditors, accountants, and investment professionals
112 Human resources and business service professionals


  • Specialized middle management occupations

NOC 01-05 has a range of middle management roles like financial managers, administrators, engineering managers, and information systems managers.

Financial managers take home anywhere between CAD 75,000 and CAD 150,000. Engineering managers, depending on their experience, can earn anywhere between CAD 75,000 and CAD 140,000.


Occupations under NOC 01-05

Code Occupation
11 Administrative services managers
12 Managers in financial and business services
13 Managers in communication (except broadcasting)
21 Engineering, Architecture, Science and Information System Managers
31 Managers in health care
41 Managers in public administration
42 Education and social and community services managers
43 Managers in public protection services
51 Managers in art, culture, recreation, and sport


  • Administrative and financial supervisors and administrative occupations

NOC 12 includes human resource executives, recruitment officers, and finance office supervisors.

Recruitment officers earn anything between CAD 40,000 and CAD 75,000 with other benefits and incentives.


Occupations under NOC 12

Code Occupation
121 Administrative services supervisors
122 Administrative and regulatory occupations
124 General, legal and medical – Office administrative assistant
125 Records management technicians, statistical officers, transcriptionists and court reporters


  • Natural and applied science technical occupations

NOC 22 has a wide range of occupations including IT and engineering. Other popular occupations in NOC 22 are computer network technicians, information systems testing technicians, user support technicians, and engineering technologists.


Occupations in NOC 22

Code Occupation
221 Technical occupations in physical sciences
222 Technical occupations in life sciences
223 Civil, mechanical and industrial engineering
224 Electronics and electrical engineering
225 Architecture, drafting, surveying, geomatics, and meteorology
226 Other technical inspectors and regulatory officers
227 Transportation officers and controllers
228 Technical occupations in computer and information systems


  • Professional occupations in education services

NOC 40 includes College and University Professors which is another popular occupation in Canada.

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Occupations under NOC 40

Code Occupation
401 University professors and post-secondary assistants
402 College and other vocational instructors
403 Educational counsellors

And Elementary and Secondary school teachers 


  • Service supervisors and specialized service occupations

NOC 63 has Butchers and Fishmongers which are also high-priority occupations in Canada.


Occupations under NOC 63

Code Occupation
631 Service supervisors
632 Chefs and cooks
633 Butchers and bakers
634 Specialized occupations in personal and customer services


  • Retail sales supervisors and specialized sales occupations

NOC 62 has insurance agents, wholesale buyers, and real estate agents. There were 2,415 admissions under NOC 62 in 2019.


Occupations under NOC 62

Code Occupation
621 Retail sales supervisors
622 Technical sales specialists in wholesale trade, retail and wholesale buyers
623 Insurance, real estate, and financial sales occupations


  • Professional occupations in law and social, community, and government services

Jobs falling under NOC 41 are judges, lawyers, social workers, psychologists, and counsellors.


Occupations under NOC 41

Code Occupation
411 Judges, lawyers and Quebec notaries
415 Social and community service professionals
416 Policy and program researchers, consultants, and officers


  • Middle management occupations in retail and wholesale trade and customer service

NOC 06 had 2,185 admissions in 2019.


Occupations under NOC 06

Code Occupation
60 Corporate sales managers
62 Retail and wholesale trade managers
63 Managers in food service and accommodation
65 Managers in customer and personal services


The occupations listed above have the highest chances of getting a Canada PR Visa in 2020. However, if you know the Express Entry system, you know that occupation is not a criterion. What really matters are your CRS scores. The better your CRS scores, the higher chance you have to get an ITA to initiate your Canada Visa process.

Haven’t checked your CRS scores yet? Use the CRS Points calculator to find out.