3 ways injury attorneys can help increase your settlement amount

Rohan Mathew

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It’s always better to hire an attorney to get the most settlement money from your injuries and damages. The facts are in. Studies indicate that people who have suffered bodily injuries in an accident due to another’s negligence win 3.0 times more in the final settlement when represented by an attorney versus those people who don’t hire a personal injury attorney. And 80 percent of injury cases that are settled with an insurance company are when the injured party hired an attorney. So, how does a personal injury get more compensation for their clients? Here’s an outline of three ways a personal attorney is able to do this.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Know the Games that Insurance Companies Play

It’s well known that insurance companies intimidate injury victims. They will tell victims that they caused the accident.  They will say that you can’t prove your physical and emotional injuries in court. They’ll also say that your doctor’s evaluation isn’t good enough. Then you require you to be evaluated by their own handpicked health care professionals. In a nutshell, insurance companies will use every game in the book and tactic at their disposal to get you to pay for your own living expenses and medical bills to make you settle for a less amount than what you really should get. Reputation is a big thing when it comes to dealing with insurance adjusters and insurance companies. Personal injury victims who have a reputable law firm in their corner have a much better chance of getting more settlement money. Insurance companies will back down with their tactics when dealing with an experienced, established personal injury lawyer. They know that this legal professional will wind up costing them more money in the long run. Who wants to pick a fight with someone that they know they will lose against? The threat of legal fees is what the insurance companies face when they are up against the victim’s attorney.

Personal Injury Attorneys Know How to Identify and Hold Negligent Parties Responsible

In any accident, culpability isn’t as simple as just blaming the other party. For example, if another driver runs a red light and strikes your car causing personal injury, there may be multiple parties involved and responsible. The traffic light may have been faulty and a government agency might bear some responsibility. The manufacturer of the brake pads may have made a faulty product. If the driver was drunk, the bar that served them alcohol may be a negligent party in the incident, too. Personal injury lawyers have a team of investigators to fully investigate who was at fault. They also have medical experts and injury recreation experts to gather the needed information to prove your case. In sum, personal injury attorneys have all of the resources needed to get more money for your injury and damages. They will ensure that all parties who contributed to the accident are held accountable.

Personal Injury Lawyers are Well-Versed in Local Laws Governing Personal Injury Cases

Laws are not universal rules. Each state has a different set of laws governing personal injury claims and damage calculations. They have been well-schooled and know the legal system. It’s a time-consuming process that makes them the legal professionals that they are. An experienced personal injury lawyer has spent their professional life learning the ins and out of personal injury law, relevant statutes, local judges, insurance companies and legal precedents. A personal injury law firm has a team of trial attorneys to take insurance companies to court and negotiate a fair settlement that their clients need to recover and move on with their lives.

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