Consequences for drunk driving

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Driving a vehicle after drinking alcohol is dangerous and irresponsible behavior that can be punished even with prison terms. Learn about the main consequences of drunk driving and tips to never mix alcohol and driving.

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How to avoid driving after drinking alcohol

Many people know that driving and getting drunk is not a good combination, but many still do. According to statistical data from traffic authorities, there are more than 300,000 events related to drinking and driving every day.

When a person is arrested for committing this offense, it does not mean that it is their first time: a common drunk driver has done it more than 80 times before being arrested. The risk is high, but the solution is simple.

What is drunk driving?

Governments have different names for the offense, driving when drunk, driving while intoxicated, or driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, but in all, the average minimum standard reference value is 0.08% blood alcohol concentration.

Currently, the Zero Tolerance Law penalizes driving behaviors that use a small amount of alcohol. The government also imposes higher fines on those who drink and drive with minors in the car or with multiple convictions.

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Consequences of drunk driving

Among the main consequences that we find for driving a vehicle after drinking alcohol are the following:

– When driving under the influence of alcohol, your cognitive and reaction skills are threatened, increasing the risk of accidents. In fact, 28 people die every day from drunk driving accidents.

– If you are caught, a single drunk driving offense could have legal, financial, personal, and even professional ramifications.

– Temporary or permanent license suspension depending on the degree of drunkenness and the damage caused. Multiple convictions usually amount to license revocation.

– Some traffic regulations require mandatory jail time plus charges and fines.

– In some countries they use an ignition interlock system in your car; if it detects alcohol, which will prevent the vehicle from starting.

– A single conviction for drunk driving business vehicles would end in job loss and a health care registration, making it difficult for you to get a new one.

– If you have drunk driving reports, insurers may charge you more for life or vehicle insurance.

– In the event of a traffic accident due to drunk driving, the insurer may refuse to bear the costs of treating you and others for injuries.

How to stop driving after consuming alcohol?

Make good decisions and plan your routines. Here are some ideas to avoid drunk driving:

– Always hire a chosen driver service, they are often included in your car insurance.

– If you go out alone, don’t drink alcohol.

– If you have been drinking, leave the vehicle in a public garage, and call a taxi or a shared transport service to get around, it is cheaper than a fine.

– Use the valet parking service of bars and restaurants, they are instructed not to deliver the vehicle if the driver is intoxicated.

– Do not get into a vehicle whose driver is drunk, and try to avoid driving.

Put the above recommendations into practice to prevent putting yourself and other road users at risk.