30 Seconds Explainer Videos- Pros And Cons

Rohan Mathew

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The world of marketing has changed quite a lot in recent years. The most significant change is that every business or website is now using video content for the promotion of their products and brand. The reason is nothing but increased conversion. It is that simple; people like watching videos more than reading boring old text blocks.

They have become the center of marketing strategies, and if you are not using videos to promote your product, you are simply falling behind. This is why explainer videos are made. Now, what are the explainer videos? Read our detailed guide on Explainer videos to learn more about them. Here’s just a brief idea to give you the necessary knowledge. 

Explainer videos are short animated videos of 1 or 2 minutes, which explain the basic idea of your products and services by answering basic questions, without the need of audience reading text blocks. These videos, if made correctly, can result in an incredible conversion.

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30 Second Explainer Video

What if I tell you that there are shorter explainer videos for better conversion with the lesser cost? Yup, that’s true. If you have a brand that is well-established among people or let’s say, your audience is eager to hear from you, then using short explainer videos of 30 seconds could be a far better idea than making a one minute video. Longer videos are required because you have to connect yourself with the audience before you can explain the product, but with a well-established product, you can cut through that part and make a video that is straight to the point. These videos are great for companies with a loyal fan-base. The shorter video content, however, should be fun, engaging, and informative to hold the audience’s attention.  

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Why Are 30 Second Videos Best?

If you own a brand that is well-established and your audience knows you, you are likely to get the best results out of short video content. They have way better engagement than the long their long-form counterpart. Let us discuss some of the potential benefits of 30-second explainer videos.

They Are Cost-Effective 

Unlike the longer-form explainer videos, 30-second explainer videos are far more cost-effective and simpler to produce. In addition to that, the additional time saved could be utilized, making more high-quality short videos that people are more likely to engage with.

They Are Highly Sharable

According to the stats, more than 90% of people watch videos on their mobile phones. Short video content is highly sharable and can be “converted into a gif” that others will also share. It could be very favorable for you if your objective is to increase the reach. People are more likely to share shorter videos than longer-form ones.

They Can Appeal Entire Targeted Audience

It is almost impossible to appeal your entire targeted audience with the longer-form explainer videos. The only people who are going to watch your video from the very beginning to the end are those who are particularly interested in your brand. Whereas with the 30-second explainer videos, you are more likely to reach your entire targeted audience; because the video is not dragging and with a clear message.

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Disadvantages of 30 Second Explainer Videos

30-second explainer videos could be an excellent pick for well-established brands, but that might not be the case for startups or brands that are making their first video. Here are some cons of using 30-second explainer videos.

Limited Time to Deliver Your Message

Despite being highly cost-effective, there are way too many timing constraints with 30-second explainer videos. You have to be very cautious with the information you are putting in the video. Apart from being informative, a 30-second video must be fun to watch to engage with the audience.

You Might have to Exclude Some Important Information

Unlike the longer-form explainer videos, a 30-Second has a minimal time frame. It is essential to provide the basic idea of your product engagingly to hold your targeted audience successfully. However, you might have to skip and exclude some of the necessary information from the video that you would prefer not to.

High-quality video content is essential to drive conversion for any brand. There are countless social media platforms where you can execute video marketing like Instagram stories and IGTV. Read our detailed guide on how to resize video for Instagram to learn more about Instagram video marketing techniques.