Best Sleeping Position For Good Health

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Sleeping is a very important part of life and sleeping position affects it a lot. Your sleeping position can play a big role in quality sleep. Different sleeping positions give you different benefits. And if you have health issues or pain then switching sleeping position might help you manage it. Although it is not something that might show its result in one or two nights it is worth trying. Training yourself for adjusting to the new sleeping position can secretly improve your sleeping quality and health.

Each person is different so If any position you are trying and are not comfortable in it you can try to modify your favorite sleep position and make sure you get the most benefit out of it. The most important part is that you do what your body wants and your sleep needs. Below we have mentioned the 2 best sleeping positions and each sleep position has its benefits.

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Top 2 Sleeping Position

Have a look at the top 2 best sleep positions before you know details about them

  1. Sleeping on your side
  2. Flat on your back

Best Sleeping Position

Below we have mentioned the best 2 sleeping positions that affect your health in a good way

  1. Sleeping on your side

Sleeping on your side is considered the best and most popular sleeping position also known as the lateral sleeping position. The position is best for the people who snore.

Apart from this side sleeping is also best for your brain. As per scientists when you sleep your brain clears waste more quickly.

A disadvantage of side sleeping wrinkles. As you sleep while pressing down your face it might cause wrinkles and your face may expand in time

  1. Flat on your back

Sleeping flat on your back has many health benefits as it is the easiest way to protect your spine and also it relieves hip and knee pain. As per a study, gravity helps keep your body in alignment and reduce the pressure on your back and joint.

But sleeping on your back can be difficult for people who have snoring problems and sleep apnea.

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What is the right way to sleep?

So far it is seen that sleeping on your back is the most preferred position as it allows you to keep your neck, spine, and head in a neutral position that also decreases the extra pressure on joints also can help in acid reflux.

Which position is best to sleep in?

The most preferred sleeping positions are

  • Flat sleeping
  • Sleeping on your back
  • Fetal position
  • Lying on stomach


A good sleep position helps you get a good quality sleep with several health benefits. If you are having some sleeping problems you can try out some sleeping positions that can help you sleep well. Sleeping on your back and your side has its benefits. They are the most common positions preferred by people around the world. Although you must try a sleeping position that is comfortable for you.