Tips on how to style men’s bracelets

Rohan Mathew

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Men bracelets have been in existent for a long time now. Different trends have existedsince the 90s, such as the Puka and many other trends since then. Men’s bracelets are the most straightforward kind of accessory that can boost any outfit, depending on the type of bracelet. Moreover, they aid in depicting more about our personalities and our lives outside the office.The trick to wearing a bracelet is to make it look easy.If you understand this, you won’t be swayed by every bracelet fad on the planet. However, once you know how to choose and wear your bracelet, then there’s no going back. There are different ways to style bracelets to ensure they fit with your style and personality.

Listed below are some of the factors to consider when buying a men’s bracelet

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  • Ensure they fit

The perfect fitting size will help the bracelet compliment your overall style. How you style your bracelets matters a lot. Additionally, ensure they proportionally fit your wrist size. This means wearing more oversized bangles for wider wrists and smaller bracelets for narrow wrists.N addition, the bracelet should be snug enough to suit your wrist comfortably. Like beaded bracelets for men on elastic, some bracelets are one-size-fits-all and have a limited range of sizes. To ensure the fitting of a bracelet, you should be able to slip in two fingers comfortably. Too tight bracelets will make your wrist seem significant, and too lose bracelets will keep on slipping off, and you might lose them. Therefore ensure you get fitting bracelets.

  • Consider your style

The main objective of accessories is to compliment your overall look. This includes even bracelets for men. Therefore, when buying bracelets, consider the style you are going for. However, still maintaining a natural and effortless look. For instance, buying men’s nautical bracelets will give you a natural yet stylish look and complement almost all outfits. This is because of the raw materials; for instance, leather, wood, and stone will come in neutral colours that complement most outfits. Shiny metals maybe too much and give out hip-hop vibes. However, mixing with more neutral colours will give you the best outfit compliment.

Moreover, it is believedthat bracelets tell a story or hold special meanings around them. Therefore, ensure you get bracelets that match your style and tell your story. You can even create a report for it to make it memorable.

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  • Consider the occasion

Not all bracelets are fit for every kind of occasion. Bracelets will vary in their styles and materials, thus making them differ in thecircumstances they can be used. For instance, the bracelets you wear for a wedding may not be suitable for a formal event. For example, a slender, discrete single bracelet in a dark hue will suit many formal occasions. You may also complement your cufflinks’ hue with a silver or gold chain. Also,you may decide to go a tad extra for grand occasions such as weddings and ret yourself unique from others. 

In conclusion, buying men’s bracelets is not a challenging task. The only trick is ensuring that the bracelets match your personality and individualistic style.