4 Good Reasons to Buy Sunglasses Online

Charlotte Miller

4 Good Reasons to Buy Sunglasses Online

Sunglasses are a popular eye protection item for people across the world. Sunglasses offer protection from the sun’s UV rays which primarily cause the development of aging signs on the skin around the eyes.

Sunglasses are also good for protecting your eyes from allergens in the air, especially during spring and summer. Allergens cause reactions such as itchiness, water discharge, etc. In some cases, the reactions can end up being fatal and having a permanent impact on one’s sight. Sunglasses offer several benefits to people.

Recently, we have seen more sunglass retail shops establishing online purchase systems using e-commerce technologies. However, people are still skeptical about purchasing their sunglasses online. This is a common and expected reaction to any new service provision method. You should not be skeptical about purchasing your sunglasses online. In this article, we discuss various reasons why you should buy your sunglasses online.

  1. Buying Sunglasses Online is Cheaper

An advantage of online purchases that often goes unnoticed is the significant price reductions. Conventional optometrists that sell their eyewear in stores factor various costs into the prices of the eyewear to attain business profits.

Costs factored in the eyewear prices that are bought in-store include store rent charges, business licensing fees, warehousing costs, etc. These costs often lead to high in-store prices.

Buying your prescription sunglasses or regular sunglasses helps you save about two-thirds of the in-store prices. When buying sunglasses online, the only cost that you have to factor in is the shipping fee, which is often offered for free or at a discounted price by many online sellers.

Buying online also helps you cut down on your transport costs to and from the eyewear retail store because you are making the purchase in the comfort of your house. When looking to buy sunglasses, always start by looking them up in online stores. You should only resort to visiting the physical store if you cannot find the specific pair of sunglasses that you want.

  1. Provision for Prescription Sunglasses 

One would not judge you if you thought that online stores only sell regular sunglasses and not prescription sunglasses. If you are of this opinion, well worry no more. Online retailers can get your regular eyewear prescription included in your sunglasses.

For this, you will have to submit your eyewear prescription in the provided prescription area on the e-commerce website. Once you have submitted your prescription, the optometrist will study the prescription and send you an invoice for the price of making the prescription lens.

Once you approve the price, the optometrist starts working on the lenses. This feature has received praise from numerous people. Many people who had to carry an extra pair of sunglasses alongside their prescription glasses now have one pair that serves both purposes.

The prescription sunglass will also feature polarized lenses to reduce glare when you are in a place with extreme lighting or basically in the sun.

Online stores also feature sunglasses with common prescriptions such as single-vision sunglasses that help make reading easy.

If you feel that you need prescription glasses, the online stores also feature tests that will help come up with your prescription. The websites display a couple of images that you are supposed to look at from a specified distance. When looking at the images, you specify whether you can see the image clearly or whether it is blurry. Once the test is over, the optometrist will study the results from the test and come up with an appropriate prescription. 

An added advantage of doing this in online stores is that the tests for determining your prescription are often free.

  1. Virtual Mirror Feature

Most people often hold back from buying their prescription sunglasses online because they think that the fit might be wrong or they will not like the pair. With modern technologies, online sunglasses retailers have implemented a virtual mirror feature.

The feature allows you to virtually try out different sunglass frames to get to see how they look on you. The feature works by making use of the front camera on your device and then using augmented reality technology to create an image of you with the glasses on. 

The virtual mirror feature also gives more details about the frames you are using such as size and dimensions. This allows you to compare various sunglass frames and pick the one that suits your face shape and use cases.

Most online stores also offer a return period if you are not impressed with the sunglasses once you receive them. The average return period offered by most online sunglasses retailers is within about 14-30 days depending on the delivery and return period. 

This, therefore, means that if you are to use the return feature, you should study the store’s return policy to ensure you do not flout any return rules. However, as common knowledge, you should ensure that you do not get any use or wear marks on the sunglasses if you are to return them.

  1. Wide Variety of Frames

Every business that has a physical store always has a limit imposed on them due to the size of the store. The size of the store limits the amount of stock that a business owner can have on site.

In eyewear stores, this means that physical stores often have fewer frames in stock. This can be a limiting factor especially when your taste or design specifications that you want are quite unique and rare.

Online eyewear stores do not have the stock limits experienced by physical stores. This, therefore, means that you will find more frames available in online stores. Coupled with the virtual mirror feature, this ensures that you find your preferred frame style on the online store. Online stores also offer a wider variety of the preferred designer brands such as Ray-Ban and Gucci. 


With these reasons in mind, rest assured that your experience when buying your sunglasses online will be pleasant and satisfactory. You will be able to find your desired frame style and get your sight prescription integrated with them.