4 Items You Need to Improve Your Wellbeing

Rohan Mathew

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4 Items You Need to Improve Your Wellbeing

Taking care of yourself boils down to far more than just your mental philosophy on life. Realistically, taking care of ourselves requires extensive inner work as well as an arsenal of tools that we can utilize in the face of hardship and anything else that comes your way. Knowing that lasting wellness is a combination of tools and the right attitude, here are four items you need to improve your wellbeing. 

  • A Tea Kettle

Many people believe that drinking tea can be therapeutic. Paying attention to nothing but the feeling of a warm mug in your hands, the sweet aroma of herbs, and the sensation of warmth filling your throat and stomach is hard to beat when you need to feel love and care. Invest in a quality tea kettle to boil your tea for a tasty drink every time. If you take comfort in whistling tea kettles, don’t be afraid to go old-school and purchase one of these instead. The idea here is to bring yourself comfort in a cup, so do what works best for you.

  • A Weighted Blanket

As infants, we found comfort in our swaddles and the arms of our parents. Something about being carried and tucked in tightly promotes feelings of safety and security. As adults, we don’t go crying to our parents for protection, but we still crave that same security we had as children. To give ourselves that feeling, we can use weighted blankets to promote safety during tough times. Weighted blankets are stress-relief products that are great for reducing anxiety and adding warmth to soothe bodily tension. You should also use a kapok pillow so that your head can stay as cool and as comfortable as possible while you lounge around in your weighted blanket. 

  • Mental Health Apps

Mental health care is becoming more accessible with various apps and health services coming to life across the web. You can now download therapy guidance straight to your smartphone. Utilize the many different mood and emotion tracking apps to monitor your thoughts and feelings regularly. You can even reach out to counselors on-call using many of these applications. Moreover, you can also download meditation apps to enhance your sense of mindfulness as part of your bedtime routine. Many of these apps are either free or require just a small fee for full access. Tools for improving your wellbeing have never been more accessible than they are today. 

  • Hypoallergenic Essential Oils

Essential oils are used as a form of aromatherapy and are also heavily ingrained in dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) as part of its emphasis on self-care. Using tools that allow you to engage your senses promotes mindfulness and awareness of the present moment. Staying in the present moment helps people to feel a sense of grounding and stability. For many individuals, staying grounded and emotionally stable takes ongoing practice. Likewise, using essential oils can be an effective way to practice taking care of yourself and giving yourself that feeling of stability when you need it the most. Different oils promote different emotions, but many suggest that lavender, tea tree, and peppermint are exceptional at promoting calmness. Play around with other essential oils and see what scents work the best for you and your emotional needs. 

The Bottom Line

Improving your wellbeing is all about including the right therapeutic tools and the right mental outlook to achieve lasting wellness. Ultimately, it takes YOU to create lasting, positive change in your overall wellbeing. Follow the suggestions for health in this list, and you’ll be well on your way to enhancing your wellness.