The computer is an essential device in the modern world

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Computers, laptops, tablets and notebooks have become indispensable parts of our lives.

The computer is an essential device in the modern world

Computers, laptops, tablets and notebooks have become indispensable parts of our lives. The fantastic advancement in computer tecnology has made computing devices available to almost everyone.We also use it for work, study and entertainment almost every day. Computer-controlled machines and robots save people a lot of effort and physical work. Thanks to the Internet, we can access an almost infinite amount of information, which also makes our daily lives easier and helps us in our work.There are also disadvantages of modern technology. If we spend too much time in front of the monitor, we can also overwork our eyes and brains, and a sedentary lifestyle has a negative effect on our physical health. Many parents are annoyed that their children spend long hours in front of a computer, laptop, or even smartphone screen, but young people cannot and should not be banned from modern technology. Of course, efforts should be made to strike a balance between the time spent in front of the monitor and other activities. The younger age group is more likely to become addicted, especially to multimedia games and social interfaces.

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A little computer story

The development of the first computer is connected to the name of János Neumann. It was marketed between 1943-46, weighed 30 tons, was equipped with 18,000 radio tubes and 6,000 switches, and approx. He made a mistake every 15 minutes. Its huge size was coupled with huge power consumption. John Neumann divided the machine into functional units. (input, control, memory, arithmetic, output units) Based on a binary number system. With the advancement of technology, the size of computers has decreased thanks to integrated circuits. The first desktop -4th generation computers appeared between 1971 and 1991, and various accessories became available, such as a mouse, monitor, and keyboard. The computers used today belong to the 5th generation, they are already characterized by microchip, multi-core processors, speed, large amount of data storage, and increased storage space for optical disks. The future may be that of optical computers, which carry information not by electrical but by light pulses.

Entertainment, music

We can also download movies and music to computers thanks to countless applications. The resolution of the screens is getting better and better, we can watch lifelike, clear and vivid images and videos on our computer, laptop or smartphone. However, whatever new and expensive high-quality computing device we have, in general, sound is not their strength. For a movie or music to provide a true sound experience, external speakers must be connected to the computer. There is no shortage of choices, we can choose from many different computer speakers of different price categories and qualities. There are several tests and descriptions of these monitors that can be connected to your computer, they can help you choose. The location of your computer, the sizes available, and your financial capabilities also influence the type of speaker you choose. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, more and more people are being forced between the four walls to do their work in a home office system.

The possibilities for spending free time are also limited due to the virus, so we spend more time sitting in front of computer devices than the average. Listening to music and watching movies turns off and entertains, but if the sound isn’t right, after a while, our heads can hurt from the confused sound. It is definitely worth performing acoustic treatment in the room where you are using the computer. Walls and ceilings, due to their structure, are unable to absorb sounds in the deeper range. The ideal sound-absorbing materials have a flexible, porous structure. It is recommended to place sound-absorbing and diffuser panels on the walls and ceiling, and we can successfully implement sound insulation in front of the windows with acoustic sound-absorbing curtains made of thick fabric. Densely woven, soft acoustic carpets can be placed on hard floor surfaces. Acoustic elements made of quality materials are not only useful, they are also aesthetic accessories. Avoid shoddy, cheap plastic and styrofoam materials because they are not only beautiful, but also useless in terms of sound insulation and acoustic repair!

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Studio acoustics

In sound recording studios, sound recording settings are made almost everywhere digitally with the help of a computer. This allows sound engineers to achieve even more accurate, even clearer sound for the perfect music experience. However, if the studios do not pay attention to creating the ideal acoustic conditions, they will not be satisfied with the result of their work. The acoustic characteristics of the given studio are very decisive during the recording of the sound material. In retrospect, we can digitally improve the sound with computer software, but that is not enough. From this we can also see that acoustic treatment is of outstanding importance in the studios.

The music of the future

Technology is evolving incredibly, so even computers are capable of composing music and producing various sound effects. The instrumental, live music experience cannot be replaced by digital music, but it must be acknowledged that computer technology has many surprises and innovations for humanity in the field of music for the future!Without a computer, we can hardly imagine our daily lives, it has a lot of benefits and really makes work easier, leaving us more time for leisure activities.