5 Best Supply Chain Management Software for your business growth

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5 Best Supply Chain Management Software for your business growth

Supply chain management is vigorous for businesses to ensure the well-organized flow of stock and raw materials and sustain favourable terms with suppliers. It creates a smooth journey of your products/services from the factory to the warehouse and then to the customers. These phases form a retail supply chain from production, storage, and quality reviewed shipment. Hence, choosing the best supply chain management software is necessary to enhance and increase your business. If your business operates in the aerospace industry, it’s crucial to consider specialized supply chain management software that caters to your unique needs. Incorporating an aerospace supply chain management solution into your business process can help ensure the efficient flow of goods and materials, ultimately increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. The supply chain has become an essential function of a business. In today’s cut-throat completion, if your business is looking for effective supply chain management software, get the best one from Armstrong.

About the five best supply chain management software

Supply chain management software doesn’t have to substitute your inventory management system or logistics software but can work hand in hand with them. Especially in today’s fast-track world of prompt indulgence, the client does not want to wait, even if the seller gives a valid reason for such delay. Here is a list of the five best supply chain management software solutions along with their features:

  1. SAP SCM: Best for customer-oriented manufacturing

SAP SCM is a comprehensive supply and financial planning solution, sales forecasting, inventory optimization, and asset management. This software is particularly beneficial for international businesses with its in-real-time sales and demand monitoring, delivery tracking, and more.

  • Supplier and partner collaboration
  • Sales along with operations planning 
  • Integrated business development
  • Predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI Technology 
  • Conveyance management
  • Track and trace transport
  1. Blue Yonder (JDA): Best for Warehouse Administration

Blue Yonder is packed with supply chain management tools for organizations of all sizes. Its 3PL (third-party logistics) further simplifies economic management with channel fulfilment and inventory forecasting.

  • Sales and operations execution
  • Intellectual supply planning
  • Workflow-driven Luminate user experience
  • Service disturbance prediction
  • Systematize common resolutions
  • Root cause and what-if analysis
  • Transparent planning process
  • Dynamic master planning
  1. Oracle SCM: Best for Cloud Forecasting and Management

Oracle SCM offers a variety of business and efficiency features to logically plan, produce, supply, and fulfil orders. The supply chain forecasting cloud decreases disruptions and deviations and diminishes costs and needless effort.

  • Request management
  • Sales, supply, and operations forecasting
  • Conveyance management
  • Warehouse organization
  • Materials and cost management
  • Financial and supply chain arrangement
  • Service logistics
  • Global trade management
  1. Infor SCM: Best for On-Time Supply Chain Visions

Infor SCM is the model platform for organizations to logic demand with its supply chain analytics and insights. It is a process for procure-to-pay automation that is one of the best features as it allows transparency and association across ERPs.

  • Multi-party business networking
  • Smart alert for potential and real opportunities, deviations, etc.
  • On-time demand and supply tracker
  • Intelligent decision support
  • 3D Visualization
  1. Manhattan Associates: Best for Transporter Management

One of its most important tools is the Manhattan Active Omni, which displays omnichannel retail operations. With upgraded inventory visibility, companies can follow better precision in demand forecasting and fulfil orders precisely, achieving optimal customer satisfaction.

  • Warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Conveyance management system
  • Collaborative inventory
  • Slotting optimization
  • Enterprise promotions
  • Adaptive network fulfilment
  • Accessible to Commerce

When selecting the Best Supply Chain Management Software, one needs to understand the features, suitability, and profitability of the businesses. If you want to know which supply chain management software will be suitable for your business, contact Armstrong. Our team will guide you toward the best supply chain management software and solutions. So, invest in Armstrong’s best supply chain management software and grow your profits.