5 Easy Ways To Reduce Screen Time

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Yes, the number is huge. Researchers have been studying the impact of increased screen time on the human mind. Lifestyle is changing, human psychology is changing rapidly and the use of smartphones is a big reason for that. Though mobile devices have made our lives easy, every invention comes with its pros and cons. It is not denying a fact that smartphones have created better work-life balance due to ease of communication but there are several issues related to it. In South Africa and other parts of the world, millennials have been studied to show a decrease in their average attention span and the different emotions generated due to smartphones is one of the most prominent causes. Checkout why every business need a mobile app nowadays? 

If you know someone who is addicted to smartphone usage, then you can guide them with the following tips. These will help them not to glue to their phones and invest their time in some productive activities.

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  1. Track Your Usage

It might be hard in the beginning, but you have to collect your senses to come out of this addiction. Because addiction is wrong, no matter what it is. So, keep a check on how you use your phone. You can use certain apps to find phone-life balance by setting limits. 

One of the best things you can do is go trading. You can apple trade your phone in South Africa, India, the USA, or any part of the world very easily. It is a way to focus more on your exams without any interruptions. Here, the power of intention would play a big role.

  1. Stop Scrolling

Yes, I also used to waste my precious time scrolling News Feed on Instagram, Facebook, etc. But soon I realized how dangerous all these things were for my mind. I felt how these social media platforms were eating out my time and mental peace. Social media posts have a bottomless and endless stream and can take you to some other world. The frequent change of emotions while reading posts or watching videos can bring a huge change in one’s personality. The knowledge of all these facts would help you to collect your wisdom and start thinking about the good.

  1. Cull Your App List

You don’t need those hundreds of apps on your phone. You are a human being and not a robot. Find some time out of your busy schedule and do some app soul searching. What to do about this? You just need to go through every app on your phone and ask some questions to yourself. The first one is how much time do you spend on this. The best thing now smartphones keep a track of application usage. But you have to give an honest answer to the next question; which is are those apps adding real value to your life. This question will assist you in filtering out many applications out not from your phone but also your life.

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  1. Say No ToNotifications

I know many people who have again switched to simple and not-so-smartphones. Honestly speaking, they are happier than ever before. The ting-ting and notification sounds were disturbing according to them. If you want to break the smartphone addiction, then there is always an option for apple trade in South Africa. Shutting down all app alerts and concentrating more on your personal and professional life would be a better option.

  1. Don’t Take It To Bed

Experts advise keeping the phone away from yourself at least one hour before the night’s sleep. It helps to detoxify the mind and bring you back to the real world.

The Bottom Line

I think one more aspect has been added in a human’s life apart from personal and professional- that is social media life. One should pay attention to their surroundings rather than being stuck on the phone screen. Moreover, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is the worst thing on the internet. If you believe in that, then you need to work a lot. Hence, following the above-written tips and tricks would help you to break the chain of smartphone addiction and live a happier life.