Things You Need to Know About Garden Water Feature

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We Are Going To Discuss Things You Need to Know About Garden Water Feature

From waterfalls to small ponds, a water feature can make your home look more attractive. It also adds value and charm to your property. A water feature can also be a high selling point if ever you plan to resell your home in the future. Also, the sound of water rushing through a stream can invigorate your spirit. 

But what does it take to have one installed? Do you need a vast outdoor area, or will your small lawn suffice? What about cleaning?

Let’s see what other things you need to know about garden water features.

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Garden Water Features

Here are some features that you have to consider:

Garden Water Feature

Know what type you’re getting

The first thing that you have to consider before installing a water feature in your home is what type you’re going to get. It can be either self-contained or have moving water. If you’re going to install a self-contained water feature, you don’t need an additional water supply. It just needs occasional topping.

But if a water feature has moving streams, you need either solar energy or electricity to mobilize the pond pump. Solar pump kit is easy to install for your water feature pond pump in your garden.


Water features have different sounds. It can be a sudden rush of water or just a trickle. So, you have to choose what is soothing to your ears. 


Cleaning the water feature should be done regularly. Otherwise, it can get slimy, and moulds can thrive. So before buying a water feature, determine first how you’re going to clean it. It’s best to buy a water feature that you can commit to cleaning. 


It would help if you considered where to install it. Most likely, it’s going to be your garden. But would it be under a tree where leaves can fall on the pond? It’s a good idea to place water features amongst your greeneries. Even small water features can stand out amid lush foliage.

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Benefits of Water Features

Why install a water feature? Let’s discuss its several benefits.

Aesthetics, of course

It can add charm and personality to your homes. You can even design your water feature so that it reflects your personality.

Due to its aesthetics, a water feature is a great conversation piece. You can host a party or an intimate gathering in your lush garden with your fountain as a focal point. With the addition of a water feature, your outdoor area becomes more conducive for entertaining guests.

Increases value

A water feature can increase the resale value of your homes. They’re relatively easy to maintain, too, especially if you’re installing a self-contained water feature. Water features can be outfitted even in smaller spaces. You don’t need to have a huge lawn or garden to get one. 

Helps you be Zen-calm

It’s therapeutic. The sound of rushing water is quite soothing and relaxing. It can help de-stress your weary mind. It creates beautiful noise. In a quiet and bare area, the sound of water and birds singing makes your house feel more like home. The effect of water is similar to meditation. It can create a calm and centred mind.

Water features can stir up positive emotions in your brain that will inspire empathy and welcome happiness. The calming sound of the water can help you sleep better. 

Escape to nature

Garden features naturally attract wildlife. Therefore, expect birds, butterflies, and pretty living things visiting your pond for a drink.

Water features are an easy way to mimic nature. If you’re living in a busy metropolis, it provides an escape where you can re-energize. It can be your little oasis amid the hustle and bustle of the city.

Convenient and affordable

Water features are quite affordable. It’s a great way to upgrade your home without shelling out a lot of money.

Things You Need to Know About Garden Water Feature


Final thoughts

Water features have several aesthetic and psychological benefits. Plus, they can make a huge difference in your homes by dramatically improving their appearance and boosting its resale value. Overall, it creates a positivity in your home and your life that’s worth the investment.

We Have Discussed Things You Need to Know About Garden Water Feature In This Article