5 ideas for how to spend leisure time during Poland tour actively

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Would you fancy making Poland tour but in slightly different way? If you love travelling and do not like to stay put, but you are fed up with the city sightseeing, guided tours and hustle and bustle of crowded streets, you should definitely try out some other ways to spend quality time. Why not to combine exploring the country with some sport activities? Not only is Poland rich in monuments, but also in terrific spots which can be discovered actively. Below, there is a list of some proposals for you to check out how to spend your leisure time in Poland actively.

Discovering Poland by bicycle

Poland has prepared something unusual for all those who are into cycling and adore nature. GreenVelo is a long-distance bike trail with nearly 2,000 km of length, including the main lanes and the side ones. It is the longest bike trail in Poland, stretching along the east Polish borders and running through five Polish voivodeships, five National Parks, a few landscape parks, scenic forests and various towns with some important monuments and worth-seeing corners. The trail has its start in Elblag (the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship) and ends in a small town of Konskie (Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship), so it is possible to see the eastern part of country during Your Poland tour. Whether you take the entire course or choose only fragment of it, travelling with GreenVelo trail will allow you to experience an amazing bike adventure and simultaneously explore the picturesque Polish landscapes.

Apart from the GreenVelo, in Poland there are obviously numerous shorter but still interesting bike lanes. For example, it is possible to ride along the Baltic coast, take one of the mountain bike trails, e.g. in the Bieszczady Mountains or the Carpathians, explore one of the routes through Masuria, the Rospuda Valley and many more…

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Canoeing and rafting in Polish waters

Canoeing is becoming more and more popular sport among tourists because it is one of the cheapest and attractive ways for spending time actively. It is enough to rent a canoe, take a paddle and embark on a beautiful, water journey to admire the beauty of surrounding nature. In Poland, there is a variety of gorgeous places where you can canoe on your own or take part in an organized canoeing. An interesting alternative for canoeing is also white water rafting, however, it is considered to be more adventurous sport, organized on fast-moving rivers in the mountains and providing a good portion of adrenaline.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing on Baltic seaside

If you want to try out some water sports like windsurfing or kite surfing during Your Poland tour, the scenic Baltic Sea coast will be a great choice for doing it. Both sports create a great possibility to commune with nature, admire the beauty of the landscapes and feel some rush of adrenaline. The Pucka Bay and Hel Peninsula are the best places for doing the sports because of a strong wind and lack of too high waves. Polish seaside resorts like Leba, Rewa or Jastarnia are only examples of places where you can get into doing the sports whether you are a beginner or more advanced person. Importantly, there is no shortage in professional schools of surfing here. However, if you are the advanced surfer, wanting to do the sports professionally and without people who just learn, Gdansk or Karwia would be a good solution.

Discover great spots for Diving

However surprising it can be, Poland is a real gem for those who loves diving. It is a great sport for water lovers who would like to explore some aquatic fauna and flora. In Poland, one can find lots of terrific dive spots including not only those in the Baltic Sea, but also lakes, water-filled quarries and artificial water dams. A fascinating place is Zakrzowek Dam, situated ca. 5 km from the Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow on the premises of a former quarry. The place attracts with both its water clarity and some interesting objects (like a bus, a car or mirrors) at the bottom. In the Baltic Sea (especially nearby Hel Peninsula), divers can see some boat and plane wrecks. The deepest lake in Poland – Hańcza has clear water, sea creatures and gorgeous underwater landscapes. Pile Lake in the small town of Borne Sulinowo in turn hides a flooded forest with an interesting story to discover.

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Skiing and snowboarding in Southern areas of Poland

Southern part of Poland is also a great choice for all winter sports lovers. There is a reason why Zakopane is called a winter capital of Poland. During winter, Polish mountains charms with admiring breathtaking, stunning views of snow-capped landscapes and attracts lots of fans of skiing or snowboarding due to the well-prepared slopes. Doing winter sports in Poland is by far cheaper than in other parts of Europe but still very attractive. The most popular and highly recommended ski resorts are placed in Białka Tatrzanska, Szczyrk, Swieradow Zdroj, Zieleniec, Szklarska Poreba or Czarna Gora.

Obviously, these are only some of active ways of exploring the undeniable beauty of Poland. If you are interested to spend some remarkable time having fun, doing some sports and getting to know Polish scenery in an unobvious way, come round to the website of Polish Travel Agency and find something right for you.