Sales Funnels That Work (3 Proven Examples)

Rohan Mathew

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Have you ever come across something online, only to think that it’s just too good to be true?

Perhaps you saw an online course and the results seemed like they weren’t achievable. Or maybe you heard someone promise that you could rebuild your online business in a very short amount of time.

The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of uncertainly when it comes to popular offers, products, and services that hit the market nowadays.

The same can be said when it comes to online sales funnels.

So are sales funnels as good as everyone makes them out to be? More importantly, do sales funnels work well enough to help you build and grow your online business by generating leads and making more sales?

The answer is yes, and I’m going to be talking about some of the best sales funnels that work.

Let’s first address a few key details about sales funnels and why they are so powerful.

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The Key To Making Sales Funnels Work

There are going to be a few key factors when it comes to making your sales funnels work. Make sure that you cover all of these, otherwise your sales funnel efforts just might be thrown out of the window.

High-Converting Offer

This is the biggest reason why your sales funnel will be fantastic or just flat-out fail. Many first time sales funnel creators fall into this trap and eventually blame the sales funnel for not working.

Whatever it is that you’re offering, it needs to be something that your market desperately needs. Once you have the right offer, then you need to make sure that also have great sales copy.

Effective Sales Funnel Builder

Having the right sales funnel builder is another big key to making your sales funnel work. After all, the last thing that you want to do is create an entire sales funnel with Html and out-dated software.

There are plenty of premium options to choose from, so make sure that you take your time when it comes to picking the right sales funnel software that meets all of your needs.

Utilize Proven Sales Funnels

This is the easiest step to follow when it comes to making your sales funnels work. All in all, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to seeing success with your sales funnels.

Try out one of the following funnels if you’d like to see faster results.

Lead Generation Funnel

Do you need a non-stop flow of leads for your online business? Then the lead generation funnel should be the very first sales funnel that you put together. It’s easy to create too because there are only two steps for this funnel.

  1. The squeeze page.
  2. The thank-you page.

The squeeze page is where you offer your visitors a gift in exchange for their email address. You let them know what they will be getting, and then allow a spot for them to enter in their email address.

After your visitors opt-in, they get taken to the second step in the lead generation funnel, the thank-you page. This is about as basic as it gets, you thank them for opting-in and then give them what they requested.

From there on out, you can follow-up with them and offer other products or services that they might be interested in.

Trip Wire Sales Funnel

Are you looking to make sales for a lower-priced product? Then the trip-wire sales funnel is going to be perfect for you. This type of sales funnel has a few more steps, here are the primary ones.

  1. Sales letter.
  2. Checkout page.
  3. Download page.

You can also add many more pages to this specific type of sales funnel such as upsell and downsell pages, membership pages, and you can even attach a webinar at the end of it (more on that next).

Keep in mind again, that this sales funnel is ideal for selling lower-priced products. You typically don’t want to sell something that is thousands of dollars with a sales letter, that’s what webinars are for.

However, this is the perfect way to get new customers into your business by introducing a lower-priced offer to your visitors. You can even recoup your advertising spend by adding upsells and order bumps into your tripwire sales funnels.

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Webinar Sales Funnel

Have you ever dreamed of making high-ticket sales? Then the webinar sales funnel is going to be the perfect match for you. Webinars are great for selling offers from $497 and up to $2,000. You can go higher if you like, but usually, for much higher price tags, you’ll want to speak with your prospects on the phone.

Here are a few of the key steps that come along with webinar sales funnels.

  1. Webinar registration page.
  2. Webinar presentation page.
  3. Order page.
  4. Download pages.

This is similar to the tripwire sales funnel for the fact that you can add more steps to the process if you like. You’ll also have the ability to utilize email marketing in order to get more visitors to your webinars.

How you set up your webinar funnels will ultimately be up to you, just make sure that you get them up and running as soon as possible so that you can make quick adjustments.

Closing Words About Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are as powerful as many marketers seem to think. Remember, the absolute biggest factor in making your sales funnel work is to have a high-converting offer.

When you have an offer that your audience desperately wants, it will ultimately sell itself, and even the worst salesperson in the world could see great results from that!