5 Keys to Starting Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

The growth of the internet has led to the creation of new job opportunities like digital marketing. And, with more and more businesses turning online to advertise their services or products, the demand for digital marketing agency services has also increased. With the demand for digital marketing agencies like Web Chimpy, you might think this is a great business opportunity. But is it possible to start one from scratch and have it functional in a few months?

Well, starting an operational digital marketing agency isn’t impossible, especially if you have a little help. So here are five keys you can use to start your digital marketing agency.

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  • Build your Skills and Confidence

The first step of starting any business is building your skills and confidence. That is no different from starting a digital marketing agency. You can be as intelligent and creative as established digital marketing agencies, but if you aren’t experienced and prepared, you’ll be quitting within a few days. The best way to build your skills and confidence is by educating yourself.

You can do so with online resources and courses from recognized institutions. With these courses, you learn the definition of digital marketing, how to run campaigns, how digital marketing works, and the channels to use for your marketing campaigns.

Once your agency takes off, you can hire experts to help out with the different tasks. However, learning about digital marketing will help minimize your operational costs if you’re starting with no experience.

  • Decide on the Services You Want to Offer

After gaining the confidence and skills to get into digital marketing, the next step is deciding on the digital marketing services you want to offer your potential clients. The services provided by digital marketing agencies include:

  • SEO services
  • Web design and development
  • Email marketing services
  • PPC services
  • Conversion optimization services
  • Content marketing and content writing

However, for startups, starting with all these services might be difficult. So, rather than end up hitting a wall before your business takes off, it’s better to choose services that match your skills. For instance, if you’re an SEO expert, you can provide your potential clients with SEO services. Once your client base grows, you can then include more services.

Remember, your primary goal at the beginning is to keep your operating costs low. But, by offering all the services at once, you may end up getting lost even before you start.

  • Competitor Research

Every startup business needs to know how they’ll rank against their competitors, including digital marketing agencies. By researching your competitors, you better understand what makes their business succeed.

To successfully do competitor research, you can use similar keywords your business uses online. With those keywords, you can narrow down your competitors to 10 or 15. Once you have your competitors, check out how they obtain their money. You can also learn what makes them successful and the strategies they use to grow their business.

Also, look at their social media, blog posts, and SEO. All these aspects will give you an accurate idea of what makes their business. You can then use the strategies you obtain and integrate them into your business.

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  • Establish an Online Presence

Every digital marketing agency requires an online presence. Therefore, start by creating a website for your agency. Your website is the gateway for your agency business, and it’s vital to ensure that it represents your entire brand. In addition, ensure that your website looks professional and gives your potential clients the information they need to decide if they hire you or not.

Besides explaining what you do and who you are, ensure that you indicate what potential client base they will get by working with you. Make sure you don’t make the information on your website about your clients and not you. Creating landing pages for the services you offer makes it easy for potential customers to contact you. Besides having an informative website, ensure you have platforms on social media pages as well.

  • Have the Right Tools

Running a digital agency requires a lot of necessary tools. Apart from paying salaries, you’ll also be required to pay for tool licenses. The tools are vital as they help you optimize digital marketing campaigns, create invoices, accounting, and create reports for your potential clients, among others. Some of the tools you will need include Hubspot, SEMRUSH, Moz, and Ahrefs, among others.

Starting a digital marketing business is no longer impossible. Once you have the necessary knowledge, you can scale it up with no time.