A Legal Procedure In A Criminal Defense Case

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A Legal Procedure In A Criminal Defense Case

A criminal defense case can be a complicated case to deal with, considering the investigation process, the legal procedures, trial sessions, and many more. In some cases, the criminal cannot be found, resulting in a delay in the case. 

Although not all criminal cases follow the same pattern or procedure, there is a standardized protocol that is advised to be followed by all police officers in dealing with a criminal defense case. In some instances, witnesses play a significant role as evidence. Similarly, several factors help in smoothing the pressure on completing a case.

Hence, A Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer should be contacted if you become a criminal offense victim since building a defense single-handedly is impossible. An attorney’s help is significantly needed in building a robust defense, even if you have adequate evidence.

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The following is the legal procedure followed in a criminal defense case:

  • Investigation

The investigation is the initial procedure police officers follow in a criminal defense case. The judge will issue a search warrant for the police officers to look for the criminal. Additionally, agencies like the FBI will closely work with the prosecutors to collect evidence.

  • Conviction

After gathering the information and details regarding the case, the evidence will be presented to a grand jury. A formal notice will be sent to the criminal stating that they have committed a crime. Although in the event of getting convicted of a crime, the criminal can hire an attorney.

  • Hearing

An initial hearing will be held on the day when the criminal was arrested for a crime. In the hearing, the criminal will know his rights and understand how to fight for defense with his attorney. The court will also decide whether the criminal should be released or in prison.

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  • Testimony

The prosecutor has to study the evidence, gather information, and talk to witnesses to understand the case better. In most cases, the witness will be held to testify in court. Before the witness gives a statement, he should deliver an oath saying nothing but the truth. Additionally, witnesses can be called from both the prosecutor and the defendant in court.

The above-listed procedure is the legal procedure that takes place in a criminal defense case. The victim needs to have an attorney at all times since the legal procedure can get complicated if there are powerful defenses in the case.