Winged Eyeliner Stamp – The Flick Stick by Lovoir

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Eye Makeover products are the products that use the area around the eyes to enhance the looks of the eyes and emphasize the wonder of the eyes. They include things like eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrow product, and a number of other products that help strengthen and accent your eyes.

Eyeliner is a product that applies color around the eyes to emphasize the looks of the eye. it’s used to emphasize the eyelids and alter the form of the eyes.

The best way to make your eyes clearer is to use a classy liner style. Wearing a liner makes your eyes bigger and provides the illusion that your eyes pop with or without eyeshadow.

Eyeliner can enhance your make-up style and provides a dramatic impression, even with the simplest make-up.

By learning the way to use liner correctly, you’ll emphasize small eyes, reduce large eyes, and make endless different looks for any future occasion. For several women, it’s going to be hard to imagine that the technique of using liner actually exists, but when used correctly, it can definitely create a celeb look.

Its safety is established by choosing safe and appropriate ingredients for this purpose.

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Different looks

Bolder Look- If you are looking for a bolder look, buy a dark liner color, no matter complexion, and rather than stopping the 3/4 line on the lid, starting from the inner corner reach the outer one. This dramatic eyeliner technique when combined with the smoky gray or black eyeshadow across the liner added as eyelid wrinkles create an easy and dramatic look for any event.

Smokey Eye Look- Smoky eyes are very fashionable this year and represent a dark image, but can be achieved even with light shade. You should start with the inner corners of the eye and work outwards in order that the middle of the eyelid is thickest. Then use a smudge brush to smudge the liner. Now apply a skinny layer of eyeshadow on the liner for the best smokey eye.

Cat Eye Look- For achieving this style, just you’ve got to do is draw thin lines on the upper and lower eyelids. Add wings to the outside of the eye to make a cat eyeliner style.

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Winged Liner Look- to make a long-winged liner style, place the liner within the inner corner of the eye. Gradually pull the liner towards the outside of your eyes and flick the eyeliner up near the edge of your eyebrows.

Glittery Look- Use a glitter liner pen or apply glitter eyeshadow to your eyeliner to add glitter to your liner. Immediately after applying the eyeliner, apply a glittering eyeshadow while still wet to make the glitter stay.

Dual Winged Look- to urge the design of punk, try the double-winged liner style. This look can be achieved by drawing lines on the upper as well as the lower eyelid. Now, make a curvy wing on the upper eyelid and draw a line on the lower eyelid.

Short Flicked Look- This short flick eyeliner style is made by blending the liner and eyelash thickness. By drawing a skinny line of liner and also the last small wing, you’ll see the eyelashes naturally and clearly while the eyelashes look plump.

These were the trendy liner looks you must know. Try these and let us know about your experience.