5 Myths about Finding Roommates Debunked

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Living away from your family, on your own, is a big deal. What’s more challenging is living with a stranger in the name of a roommate. You are reluctant at first in finding roommates because of the unpleasant stories or advice you have heard from your friends.

Well, it’s not always that bad, and living with a roommate can turn out to be a fun experience.

Most of these stories or advice are based on myths, or they turn out to be a myth.

If you are someone new to this kind of life, you must know some of these significant myths so that you could cruise your way in finding roommates.

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Here are five such myths demystified about finding roommates:

  • Sharing your space means more mess and clutter:

This is the most common myth that has been lingering around. Everyone will tell you stories about how their new roommate turned out to be this monster who delights in keeping the room unkempt.

Well, what they don’t tell you is how they found this roommate. It is always essential to use the right roommate finder platforms for finding roommates. What’s even more important is to be very clear about your preferences, and you will end up finding the right person to live with.

  • Living with a roommate is always a nuisance:

You might have heard a colleague or a friend saying on a Monday morning that it’s a nuisance to live with a roommate. But is it true? Not always. Things can get pretty tricky sometimes, and most of these hassles you encounter are pretty inevitable. On the brighter side, living with a roommate has become a norm in the nation’s most desirable housing & job markets. Rent is cheaper shared as it’s no secret that living in places like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York can get pricey.

  • It is mandatory to be friends with your roommate:

 Most of them want their roommate to be their friends and try to force friendship on them. Just because you and your roommate live together doesn’t necessarily mean that you two have to be the best of friends. It is not at all compulsory and just being acquaintances with each other is more than enough. Finding roommates based on friendship can be a messy affair, and you might miss out on meeting new people and exploring new connections.

  • My roommate will be okay with it:

This is another wrong assumption or a myth that most of them believe in. Everyone has their own choices and preferences while living together. You cannot just choose for your roommate and assume he/she will be okay with or get along with your choice. He/she might have a different say or would not agree with your choice.

It is imperative to lay down all the facts about you and the room before he/she moves in with you. Forcing your choice on them might lead to quarrels and unpleasant situations in the future. It’s always necessary while finding roommates to ask them if it’s okay before you come to your conclusions.

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  • Roommate finders won’t get you good roommates: This is the biggest blunder of all. Out of all the ways of finding roommates, roommate finders are the best options out there. Most of them think that these roommate finders are unreliable and just a waste of time. Well, they are highly mistaken. Roommate finders can land you up with some of the best people out there, people with whom you could bond with or people whom you could have missed out on if not for roommate finders. However, it is always essential to use an authentic roommate finder platform.

These were some of the many long-standing myths about finding roommates. Let us hope that you find your soul-roommate now since you have these myths busted.