Mistakes Pregnant Women Make When Sleeping

Rohan Mathew

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Pregnancy is the time when a woman feels joyful and unique about her expected growing baby. This is when you should be very much conscious about your health and diet because you do not want to risk your baby’s health.

Even if you follow a strict and healthy lifestyle, there are still some mistakes that you might tend to make unknowingly.

For example, during pregnancy, unhealthy sleeping positions must be taken care of at the right time so that you stop any risk factors that might be on the way.

Unhealthy Sleeping Positions

Sleeping positions during pregnancy are critical. They come up with many health risks, especially from the second trimester. Sleeping on your back and stomach might be your favorite position, but they come up with lots of issues, such as heartburn, shortness of breath, back pains, hemorrhoid, stillbirth, and much more.

You need to provide nutrients and proper circulation to yourself and your baby. Sleeping on your right is also not at all recommended because it creates issues by compressing the IVC while blocking the blood flow to the heart.

Sleeping on the left is considered as the safest as it allows oxygen and nutrient flow to the baby. Moreover, it also improves the health of the kidney and the liver.

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Eating For Two

Some people advise eating for two during pregnancy as the baby bump grows. But that is the unhealthiest mistake that a pregnant woman can do due to the underlying health issues that might come up.

You would require calories around 1800 to 2000, and your baby would need around 300 calories to maintain their health. It is important to eat enough for yourself and the baby, but not more than enough for two.

Eating for two persons leads to more calorie intake, causing issues like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, postpartum, stillbirth, etc. Hence, it is always advisable to maintain a healthy diet to ensure that both you and your baby get enough nutrients.

Sleeping Less

Disturbed sleep patterns are sure to come with pregnancy. Hence a pregnant woman must prioritize her sleep first to maintain a sound mind and body. Some women try to maintain a balanced work and lifestyle with very less sleep. If you slept for 5-6 hours, then prepare to increase your sleep cycle.

Your body faces lots of hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy, which demands more rest. It would be best to prepare yourself for the labor and delivery strains if you were sound and fit.

It is important to maintain a healthy sleep cycle, which would also help maintain the bond between baby and mother post-delivery.

Self Medication

You should not self medicate at any cost as it could have adverse effects on your body. You may not know that you should not be using acne creams, paracetamols, and antacids during pregnancy. Also, using and undergoing harsh beauty treatments during pregnancy could lead to abnormalities in your baby.

Self-medication should be avoided at any cost during pregnancy. If you find health issues in your body, it would be always better to talk to your doctor and not take any risks.

Avoiding Exercise

Staying active during pregnancy comes up with a lot of health benefits. You may fret thinking about what exercising might cause to your body. But this is not true. You should avoid doing heavy exercises like abs and heavy cardio workouts.

You can stick to your regular active regimen that is light, such as walking or mild running. However, it would be helpful if you take advice from your doctor to check which would work best on you. Doing exercises would save you from back pains, fatigue, and gestational issues. It would also be helpful in your journey towards labor.

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Overdosing on Vitamins and Supplements

You know that you need extra vitamins and supplements during your pregnancy. But taking them more than the required amount won’t help you much; in fact, it could be harmful to your baby.

The best alternative is to get the right amount of nutrients from your food. Always check with your doctor if you face morning sickness and aversions.  Consult a doctor before taking extra doses of supplements.

Common mistakes should be avoided during pregnancy as much as possible, especially in the third trimester. Understand how you should take care of your well-being, which is good for your unborn baby. Moreover, you shouldn’t hastily decide on healthcare.

Birthing is an emotional experience and you do not want to ruin your motherly desires. You need proper care and support during and post-pregnancy. Hence, it would be best if you prepared yourself well for the onset of delivery.