5 Reasons Why Python Programming is Perfect for Kids

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Computer programming is a new education that cannot be overlooked. Hence programming and computational thinking are being considered the next most critical skills to have. With so many online courses on programming for kids the parents feel overwhelmed on which programming language to focus on for their child. And with the ever-changing demands in technology, if seen the latest trends, python programming is the most in-demand. It widely finds its applications in predominantly almost every sphere, whether it’s game development, bot creation, software development, or website development. Moreover, currently, Python programming is much in demand because of its versatility and uses in the areas of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

If the kid seems to be interested in learning computer programming, the parents might fear as to which language should be the best for the kid. Python will definitely stand out because it is very easily readable, and kids can easily understand the code’s language. Its syntax is basically very similar to the English language. Let us see some more reasons as to why Python programming is the best option to choose for the kids.

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Easy to Read and Understand

Python comes under the category of High-level language and general-purpose programming language, making it user friendly. Its object-oriented approach allows the user to write easily readable codes. Almost similar to the English language, the code can be written in a simple syntax and understood by anyone easily. The kids will be able to pick up the basics very early and will be surprised to see and learn the versatile applications of this language. They will find it amazing that they can build games on their own using python. And also automate the tasks. Python for kids will be a good choice for their computer studies. Parents can find the python curriculum on the Cuemath website for an engaging learning experience for their kids.

Creativity and Problem Solving

Learning to code helps the child’s brain think logically and analytically. They start observing and analyzing the details of the problem, which gives their minds a good practice on improving upon their creativity and problem-solving skills. Honing these skills will not only help in practicing computer programming, but these skills are basic must-have life skills that will be useful in other study subjects as well as in practical life in general as logical thinking skills are required everywhere.

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Easy to Install

Many other programming languages come with complex instructions which makes their installation confusing and difficult for newbies. But installing python is just a matter of a few clicks. Python is easily installable on any computer; some systems automatically come installed with the python versions. Or else the installation instructions are easily available on the python website and are easy to follow. Hence anyone can get started to learn python without any dependence on others for installation.

In Demand

Due to its versatility Python is being used in almost every industry, from software to finance, from healthcare to architecture and beyond, due to which its demand has surged in the job market, and it will be there to stay. Learning python would be one practical thing to do for one’s career.

Python has its usage in data mining and has frameworks for web development. Also, it has a large set of libraries which is why it finds its utility in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and these will be the fields creating maximum jobs in the future.

Large Community

A large community of Python coders help each other and share knowledge on various platforms to help each other. Thus enough guidance is available to explore python. Also, python being open source is available to the users for free. Users can create their code and share it, and other people can further work upon it as per their requirement, and modify it. This saves time and helps one work on new projects while utilizing or taking help from source codes.