5 Tricks to boost your email marketing efforts

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Email marketing is still alive and well. It is one of the oldest forms of online marketing, and it still reigns supreme as one of the most effective marketing techniques out there. However, just because it is one of the oldest forms of online marketing, that does not mean you should use the same email marketing strategy. Times have changed. So, what may have worked 10 years ago, in some cases, even a couple of years ago, may not work so well now. Sure, the email marketing database, email marketing lists, and even some email marketing lists for sale are still wonderful tools to use. However, there are some changes that must be made to stay abreast of the competition. Thus, it will behove you to use the following five techniques to boost your email marketing efforts:

  • Refining your CTAs

You can utilize your language with emotion, color and contextual CTA buttons to refine your CTAs. You can use more attention-garnering color, like orange or red, when marking a CTA. You should also use large text to grab their attention and use actionable language, like “Start My Free Trial” or “Get Started Now!”. Including this actionable language will prompt certain emotions in your audience to take action immediately and make the best out of the available opportunity.

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  • Email Automation Using a Management Tool

Using a high-quality management email marketing tool for marketing automation is superb for various reasons. You can save tons of time in producing emails, you can properly nurture your clients, and you can send off mass emails automatically and simultaneously. With a top-notch management tool, you can set up your emails in advance on a schedule. With these management tools, there is also a drag-and-drop editor to simplify the design by a lot. Also, contacts on your email mailing lists who don’t engage with your email can get only one more email (to abide by spam regulations) using different messaging or language in an attempt to entice them to download your white paper. You can also set up this automatically on one of the marketing automation platforms.

  • Utilizing Cliffhangers in Subject Lines

Using cliffhangers is very beneficial. Cliffhangers spike your audience’s interest and thus prompts them to open and read the email. So, hook your email subscribers to your subject lines. For example, you can have a subject line, such as “Company fryers on Clearance Now”. Restaurant owners just starting out or are established but need a new fryer will most likely be very intrigued about this offer that is too good to pass. You can also make the reader curious by using incomplete subject lines. For example, the subject line can state: “For This Week Only”, and subscribers will be intrigued about this opportunity for this week only knowing that they will be mad at themselves for not taking advantage of an opportunity like this.

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  • Embed Videos and Other Animation

Since HTML5, embedding videos in emails is now possible. You can promote content on an email with a free piece of video content, like a non-gated webinar. It can be a product demo, for example. Using animation correctly and occasionally can increase engagement. A good animation example of B2B emails includes a product demo showing how your product will help them save money/produce more sales.

  • Double Opt-in Subscription Model

In the United States, the double opt-in subscription model is becoming more popular as the marketer’s email marketing databases are growing. A double opt-in is when a contact first signs up to receive your emails. This contact must also reconfirm that he/she wants to hear from you by usually clicking on a link in a follow-up email. Not only will you eliminate any possibility of being accused of spam, but you will also have a more engaged email marketing database filled with subscribers with this method.

On the other hand, persons-of-contact of some companies may not bother with the second opt-in due to being busy with making profits and running their companies, and thus the potential of losing subscribers is possible. So, it is understandable why some marketers are hesitant to utilize this method especially when they have small email marketing lists, and they want to increase their email marketing database size. However, you will eliminate the potential of spam that is more prevalent when working with various email lists for sale and even your email marketing lists at times when it comes to cold leads, for instance. Email lists for sale are sometimes not that reliable and thus you can be more vulnerable to get marked as spam.


Email lists for sale, email marketing database, and other email marketing lists are still viable when it comes to one of the most effective marketing methods in the field: Email marketing. However, just because email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing, that does not mean you should use the same email marketing strategy, you can’t just trust in any email lists for sale due to anti-spam laws, etc. Using the techniques above you will get on your way in superseding your competition. Your email marketing database will grow exponentially, and you don’t even have to rely on email lists for sale.