5 Reasons Your Home Should Have A Bali Hut

Rohan Mathew

A Bali hut is a unique style of garden structure that combines simplicity and functionality. Its low-maintenance and makes it an easy addition to any yard or garden. They blend in with the surrounding landscape and yard features, so they work best with a heavily-vegetated yard or a water feature. Because of their tropical island connotations, they are perfect additions to a beach home or vacation spot. Listed below are a few reasons you should add a gazebo to your property.

1. Natural thatch roofing

Originally imported as a kit and assembled on-site, Louise’s Bali hut needed a permanent solution. Over time, the grass thatch on the roof deteriorated, with large holes appearing on the top of the hut. Because the hut was elevated and exposed to strong heat and winds, the owner needed a long-term solution. When she heard about AllThatch’s roofing products, Louise contacted them. AllThatch, A Bali hut Brisbane based company, came out and removed the old thatch and replaced it with a new, 100% waterproof thatch roof. 

In addition to offering great aesthetic appeal, natural thatch is an excellent shade structure for Bali huts. This material is known by many names, including Tiki Hut, Thatched Gazebo, Pergola, Patio, Beach Hut, and Balinese Shade. The beauty of this material makes it a fantastic option for a backyard or public area. Not to mention that it will add protection to the Bali hut and give it a tropical atmosphere. 

2. Increased property value

A gazebo or a Bali hut can boost the value of your home. Gazebos are a popular choice among first-time homeowners, as they’re easy to install and can save you money on labor costs. In addition, property investors also like the unique look of Tropical Gazebos. This makes them a good investment for any property owner. 

 3. Tropical and comfortable

A gazebo or Bali hut will make your home look more tropical and relaxing. Since these structures have thatched roofs, they don’t trap heat, and rain will run off quickly. These additions are also ideal for entertaining, as they provide a place for the kids to play. Moreover, you’ll enjoy increased property value and positive feedback from potential buyers. This type of hut also helps slow down the pace of life, which is an added benefit for buyers.

4. Convenience

A Bali hut is an excellent addition to your backyard. It is a beautiful addition, but it can also add value to your home. They are an ideal way to create your private retreat and can increase the value of your property. In addition to being attractive, gazebos can also improve your property’s appeal if you’re planning to sell it. 

The thatched roofs of Bali huts protect you from the harsh UV rays of the sun, keeping your indoor space cooler during the hotter months and warmer during the colder months. They also provide natural insulation and shade, keeping your outdoor entertainment area a cool 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding environment. Unlike most other huts, they are low-maintenance, are free of mildew, and can even be UV protected.

5. Privacy

A Bali hut is an excellent addition to any yard, especially if it’s tropical-themed. The natural look of the structure is attractive, but it doesn’t fit into every type of home. Modernist homes, for example, won’t look very good with this design. On the other hand, yards with pools or vegetation may look better with a Bali hut.

Final Remarks

A Bali hut should have equal exterior dimensions and should be sturdy. You can create a deck floor with steps and have two tiers of support poles. It’s also essential to make sure the corners of the hut are at least twelve feet high. A Bali hut is an excellent addition to your home if you enjoy privacy and want to minimize unwanted guests. Your privacy is more important than ever, so make sure you get one to suit your home and backyard.