Where to Buy Humate Soil Conditioner

Rohan Mathew

Humate soil conditioner dates back several centuries and is an organic matter that can be mined from the soil in the earth. From gardens to the greenest grass, humate is great for supporting and promoting very strong plants, lawns, trees, shrubs, and so much more. Let’s take a more in-depth look at humates and all of the wonderful uses for them as well as the benefits of using humate soil conditioner.

What is Humate soil conditioner?

Humate Soil Conditioner is a natural, organic material that is produced by ancient plant matter. It is mined from the ancient organic plant deposits in the earth and is taken from the humic shale which contains about 45 percent humic acid. Humates are basically a salt that is produced by the humic shales. A mix of organic substances that are created as a result of decomposing animal and plant tissues, humic acid has been compressed over a period of millions of years into the earth’s soil. 

Humans can be found in all types of soil, water, and sediments that have built up within the Earth’s surface. When they’re in their most basic form, human rights are black in color and resemble a coal-like powder substance that is mined from the earth, much like actual coal. The size of humates can vary and so can their molecular weights, structure, elemental composition, and even the number and the amount of population of functional groups can vary. This all depends on the origin of the material, as well as the age of the material, which is the reason you need to purchase humate products, including humate soil conditioners, from trusted and reliable sources that have the greatest consistency. 

What is Humate used for and What are the Effects of Humate Soil Conditioner?

There are many benefits of using a humate soil conditioner on your lawn, garden plants, or crops. Humate soil conditioner will be great physically when it comes to the greenery and plants because it increases the capacity to hold water while also improving the seedbed. It can reduce soil erosion, increase soil aeration, and even improve the amount of drought tolerance your plants or lawn will have. Chemically, humates can increase the percentage of the total nitrogen amount in the soil while neutralizing the alkaline and acid levels. Humates will even increase the ion exchange capacity as well as the mineral uptake which will make your plants and lawn healthier. Humate soil conditioner can also help the roots of your plants and grass retain and release fertilizer into the roots while regulating the hormone levels in plants that may be stressed.

When it comes to a biological aspect, humate soil conditioner can increase and speed up cell division while making the cell walls and your plants and grass thicker. This conditioner also helps accelerate the seed germination process while increasing the amount and level of positive soil microorganisms. It can also increase the length of the root growth of your plants, grass, or crops and increase the amount of nutrient uptake and enzyme production as well as the photosynthesis process.

Overall, since humate soil conditioner will have a positive effect on the physical, biological, and even chemical reactions of the soil at your home or business, the soil will then foster better microbial activity and increase the fertility of the soil. This means that a humate soil conditioner will support and promote strong, healthy growth in your lawn as well as your garden, trees, shrubs, crops, and more. You will end up with the greenest grass in your neighborhood and your garden will be great for producing the tastiest fruits and veggies that are also very healthy for you to consume. 

Where to buy the best humate soil conditioner

It is very important to purchase your humate soil conditioner from a reliable and trusted source. At Tri-C Organics, you can be assured that all humate products are very rich in minerals and organic material as well as carbon, humic acids, and beneficial bacteria needed to produce healthy plants and gorgeous lawns. Tri-C Humate Plus soil conditioner is created from a homogeneous blend of Humate as well as GYPSUM. It is a granular product which means it will eliminate the amount of dust that is produced, which can sometimes be a problem while doing topical or maintenance applications while using organic materials. All of Tri-C Humate products include both micro and macro-nutrients which allow them to be available in a type of form that is great for use on plants. Tri-C Humate products will not only help develop very deep root systems for your plants and grass but will also provide the much-needed fuel for microbial activity to occur while improving the health of your plants and lawn and helping them to resist diseases that can occur in plants, grass, and crops.