5 SEO Changes That Have Shaken The Whole SEO Concept

Rohan Mathew

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Website owners and marketers use the concept of SEO for very long periods who are thinking of establishing their businesses online. Now earlier, the SEO was not so broad, but as the competition is increasing, Google also has to change the SEO policies.

Moreover, due to this, corona pandemic businesses have shifted online at such a huge level that these changes are pushed in a small duration.

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Some of the latest changes in SEO are discussed here:-

  • Broad Core Algorithm Update

There is a fixed algorithm of Google with the help of which it works and ranks all the websites. The broad core update is related to the change in the algorithm with the help of which the website owners can understand Google’s queries in a much better way. In this, Google is not targeting any site in particular, but they have asked the websites to make changes to understand the queries of the customers and resolve them better.

People think that this is not a part of SEO, but it is. If the queries are resolved better, then for sure, the number of customers on the website will increase.

  • BERT update 

When we search on Google, then there are a few new words used in the sentence, or we can also refer to it as slang. Earlier, Google used to ignore them and only show results for the properly typed query, but as the number of people using this slang increased, they have to make an update known as the BERT update. The full form of this is Bidirectional Encoder Representations From Transformers.

It will help you get the answers to your queries that you will make with such nuanced words by encoding them.

  • Maverick Update

 In response to a huge amount of traffic volatility, Google has made this update. They have seen a ranking shift due to this volatility, which is not a good fact. That is why the Maverick update is provided by Google, which helps absorb this volatility and doesn’t let the rankings fluctuate too much.

  • Site Diversity update 

Earlier, when search engine result pages open, then it is noticed that the number of domains appearing in the multiple URL is too much. Due to this, the person can get access to only one website on a single page. In the latest update of the site diversity, this algorithm is changed. Now the multiple pages of the same website are not featured on the very first result page. At the maximum, only two pages of the websites will be shown.

It gives a fair chance to other website owners who have done ample work for ranking their websites. The search lesion of Google has given this update.

  • Google Mobile Speed 

The website’s mobile accessing speed is very important in Google according to the latest update of google. They have asked the websites to design themselves so that the loading speed decreases in mobile phones. The reason behind this is that most people are accessing the website from the mobile phone. Now, if the website is heavy, then it will be an issue in opening the website.

So, in the latest update, the design should be such, which helps the mobile user access all the websites’ functionalities.

You can ask out your SEO agency in Auckland to design two websites that can be accessed on laptops and the other design for mobile users. Google also provides a feature through which the mobile user can easily switch the website between desktop and mobile version. The benefit of this update is that the bounce-back rate has decreased manifolds.

Also, the ranking and the customer inflow have increased, which is a beneficial factor for the website, and access in the mobile is best for the users.

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Final thoughts

These are some of Google’s updates in the past few months that have changed the SEO. No website can now grow solely without applying these updates changes to their website. So, if you are also a website owner and thinks of growing, you must take the help of the SEO Auckland company you have hired.