5 Simple Yet Effective Tips For A More Modern Home

Albert Howard

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5 Simple Yet Effective Tips For A More Modern Home

Your home is your happy place that radiates solace and joy, even if you have a humble lifestyle. Now imagine the boost that modernization will give to your comfort. Unfortunately, keeping up with the rapidly changing trends of society can go hard on your pocket, especially when it comes to upgrading your entire home. However, by giving your home that evergreen modern look, you can avoid the never-ending changes in trends of interior designs. These lifestyle upgrades can sometimes be pocket friendly in the long run. So if you have a conventional home but love to go modern, here are some simple tips to upgrade your house without expensive renovations.

1. Make a Statement Through Minimalism:

Minimalism is the base of modern home design that draws inspiration from the classiness of decency and modesty. It means eliminating all unnecessary items in your household. While minimalism rejects a highly flashy look, it is not an absence of style. It is just about reducing the items according to your needs, all while making your space more elegant.

Get rid of all the clutter, which may include furniture or decoration uselessly lying around or making a loud statement. So pare down your belongings to what you truly love. You can keep the decluttered items in a storage facility until you decide on their fate. For instance, if you live in a densely populated city like Hong Kong, where shrinking living space is a big concern, you might find it difficult to store extra items. You can explore the storage facilities near you that suit your needs, such as sc storage, and properly store your belongings.

Also, keep the wall art minimal since the abundance of these decorative items does not blend well with the minimalist aesthetic. Try to provide visual appeal by emphasizing the textures of the materials. So leave the highly decorative and showy designs of the past, and take a step towards simplicity. It will also lead to a less cluttered mind and an increase in the functionality of your space.

2. Add a New Coat of Natural Hues to Your Walls:

Painting the walls is an instant mood lift that will breathe life into your space. Scratched walls, marks, or stains give an old look, no matter how expensive the interior is. Your walls undergo a lot of wear and tear daily. From hanging things to absorbing all the dust, dirt, and grime, they can wear down quickly without you even realizing it. Adding a new layer of paint will give them a much-needed update and protection from moisture.

So start by painting your walls in neutral hues, such as cream, tan, and skin, that will complement your furnishings. Painting your walls with earthy colors will also make your interior look more spacious, whereas darker colors will make it look overcrowded. So choose the combinations that will reflect your personality and give your house a fresh and new look.

2. Choose an Accent Color for a Visual Rhythm:

The modernist look does not mean you have to live in a stark white interior. If you dislike a monochrome look, choose an accent color and use it sporadically throughout your room for a visual rhythm. You can create an impact by painting one of the walls in a contrasting shade of a vibrant color that will brighten up your otherwise monochromatic space. It will build an inviting atmosphere without making it look gaudy.

You can choose a bold color for this purpose. It is because these colors are tricky to use normally in interior designing, but when used as accent colors, they add life to the space without being too loud. The key is to look at the overall color of the room. See if it is cool or warm, and go for the opposite accent color. You can incorporate your decoration and furniture in the accent color and throw some pillows and cushions of the same color for emphasis. It will be a great way to add some contrast without tainting the classy look of your modernist room.

3. Light up Your Interior and Exterior:

Once you have adorned your room with all the modern aesthetics, it’s time to focus on the lighting. It can enhance or break the look. Dim lights and dark corners will make your space look drab and kill the overall vibe.

In addition to brightening up your space, use creative lights to complement your décor. Choose and organize lamps, chandeliers, and pendants to create an aesthetic and more personalized look. For a modern touch, you can add LED lights that you can control through your smartphone from wherever you are.

For outdoor lighting, consider solar-powered lamps that will give a classy look while being eco-friendly at the same time. To add a touch of creativity, you can use decorative lanterns and light up the night sky! You can suspend them with a pole and move them around your garden to suit the occasion. With multiple lighting options, choose one that gives your place an appealing look and should be energy efficient.

4. Update Your Kitchen Hardware:

The kitchen is the hub of any house but can also be a place of chaos, where the deep cabinets and closed-off corners are no less than a hoarding place for all the clutter. If you wish to modernize your home, you will have to focus on your kitchen since it might need modern machinery and chic designs. For instance, if your drawer and cabinet pulls have materials popular decades ago and are no longer appealing, it may be time to upgrade them with innovative materials. If you have old kitchen appliances, consider replacing them one by one with newer ones. Your kitchen might be the busiest area of your house, and modern kitchens have a small seating arrangement to embrace this commotion of people. Consider adding countertop stools or seats at the breakfast bar to give your kitchen a new appeal.


While modernism will make your home appealing and conform to societal trends, it will also make your living more convenient and comfortable. If you are procrastinating this task to do it on a long weekend or gather funds, you do not need to dive into it at once. Make one change at a time that will not break the bank or consume all of your time. So if you crave a modern lifestyle, you do not need to move into a bigger or more lavish home. Use these simple hacks, and your house will be ready to flaunt its up-to-date look!