5 Solutions to the Shortage of Space in the House

Albert Howard

5 Solutions to the Shortage of Space in the House

Is your home heavily cluttered with unwanted items, creating a chaotic environment that keeps you anxious and stressed? Are you constantly tripping over toys and stray items scattered all over your home? Do you feel your home resembles a storage space more than a relaxing and ambient living space?

You’re not alone, for we humans are magnets for clutter, hoarding all kinds of items that give us temporary joy. But real satisfaction comes from a home environment that inspires inner peace by allowing us to relax and unwind. It is important to remember that a home is a living space, and turning it into a storage dump wastes precious square footage. 

Decluttering your space with efficient storage solutions will help you make more room for family members and loved ones. You can also add new spaces, like a Zen room or a home office, to elevate your life quality. Read on to explore amazing solutions to address space shortages around the house. 

1. Consider Renting a Storage Unit 

All families struggle to part with inherited items, memorabilia, old items, and unwanted furniture. This struggle stems from the sentimental ties we harbor toward our belongings. We may not use these items, not even once a month, but we don’t want to abandon them entirely. There’s a solution to manage these belongings – one that doesn’t involve turning your attic or garage into a storage dump! 

Renting a temperature-controlled storage unit nearby offers ample flexibility and frees up precious residential square footage. We advise looking for a storage unit nearest to your home and entrusting your belongings to a notable company. For instance, Grande Prairie residents can check out the tech-savvy storage units maintained by Storage Experts, a renowned brand in Canada. The facility offers clean and secure units with state-of-the-art security technology.

Storage Experts have facilities throughout Northern Alberta and the Grande Prairie area. You can explore units in all sizes, depending on how many items you want to store. Renting a storage unit near your home will offer the advantage of easy retrieval in case you need some items. 

These guarded storage facilities are well-equipped with alarms and security cameras to ensure robust protection for your valuables. 

2. Throw a Yard Sale 

Do you want to get rid of old appliances, discarded furniture, and unwanted belongings without dumping them outright? Here’s a fabulously thrifty idea: throw a yard sale and make a nice profit from your unwanted belongings. 

Planning a yard sale is quite simple, and it will give your neighbors a chance to buy items they need without overspending. Families planning to relocate to a new home or simply eager to declutter their living spaces will find this idea quite lucrative. You can raise some money toward home improvement or buy items that elevate your quality of life. 

If you’re skeptical about community members showing interest in buying your items, rest assured the turnout will surprise you. As the saying goes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Just be sure to price the items in accordance with their quality and utility to avoid scaring buyers away. You can also elevate the event by offering some eatables and beverages. 

If you know any small business owners or home-based bakers, consider inviting them to set up their stalls. You can turn this into a lucrative activity while achieving your underlying goal of decluttering your home. 

3. A DIY Shelving Project 

Homeowners who want an efficient storage solution without giving away or selling off their belongings shoulder consider a shelving project. A DIY shelving project is a budget-friendly storage solution and extremely easy to execute. You can buy pre-cut shelves from Home Depot or a local hardware store and install them yourself. 

Suppose you enjoy woodwork and creative home improvement projects and are extremely comfortable with elbow grease. In that case, you can get artistic with the shelves and undertake multiple projects around the house. The best thing about shelves is their budget-friendliness and efficient use of vertical space. 

Instead of crowding up the floor with additional cabinetry or bulky furniture, you can use vertical space efficiently. Rustic wooden shelves will give your walls a charming makeover, radiating earthy charm with their rich textures. There’s a wide variety of shelves and wooden materials, making it easier to find textures that complement your existing décor. 

You can add shelves to any given room that needs clutter-control and efficient organization. Suppose your kitchen is cluttered with herbs, spices, and random jars covering the countertops and island. In that case, a floating pantry will clear out the countertops, giving your kitchen a neatly organized outlook. Likewise, floating shelves will be a great addition to the living room, dining room, library, children’s playroom, and bathroom. 

4. Crafty Furniture with Storage Solutions 

If your home lacks storage space, consider bringing in some furniture with roomy storage bins to manage the clutter. Modern-day furniture manufacturers design storage-efficient furniture to accommodate the preferences of millennial buyers. People living in cramped apartments and single-family homes seek smart furniture that offers more than comfort. 

You can bring in couches, beds, and ottomans featuring spacious storage bins to store seasonal clothing, cookware, and valuables. You can also customize your existing furniture to add storage solutions without taking up more floor space. 

5. Consider a Charity Run 

Here’s a thoughtful idea to address storage concerns and give back to your community: consider donating unwanted items to a local charity. Our homes are cluttered with numerous items that don’t support our lifestyle and merely serve as memorabilia. Teenagers refuse to part with discarded old toys, while adults hold onto college books and high school keepsakes. 

Imagine someone needy using these items and enjoying their utility long after you’ve used and discarded them. Nothing is more beautiful than sharing our belongings with families who are unable to afford them. You can gather all the discarded and unwanted belongings, pack them into cartons and drop them at a local charity. 

Be sure to research and consult officials at the local community center for advice and suggestions. In exchange, this act of goodwill will rid your home of clutter and brim your heart with inner peace. 

Final Thoughts 

The lack of storage space primarily stems from the lack of an efficient home organization system. When all items and belongings have a designated home, you find them seldom out of place. In contrast, when items don’t have a home, they end up everywhere, from the dining room to the kitchen. 

Creating an efficient organization system demands giving a home to everything you own. For instance, toys must go in the toy bin, makeup in the vanity drawers, and kitchenware in the cabinets.