5 Tips for Creating a Modern Home Office Design

Rohan Mathew

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Did you know about five million people currently work from home?

If you have been spending more time working out of a makeshift home office, it’s time you upgrade. When you have to spend 40 plus hours a week in your home office, you want a design that fits your style, and it’s functional.

Read on to learn about these modern home office design tips.

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  1. Pick the Right Location

When it comes to creating the perfect modern office, you have to pick the right location in your home. If you plan to work from your home office full-time, the last thing you need is to sit in a windowless room all day.

Turning an unused closet into an office will not look modern, and will not make you more productive. If you rarely use a guest room and it has lots of light, you can turn it into an office.

Aside from picking a room with lots of natural light, you also need to consider foot traffic. If you live in a house with multiple people, foot traffic is another thing to consider.

You might not want to put your home office next to the kitchen; chances are you will hear a lot more people coming and going.

  1. Your Office Should Serve You

There’s no point in getting shelving, storage, and a desk that looks modern when it’s not going to be functional. At the same time, your office should inspire you, fill it with furniture that you want to look and use. Small items like indoor plants, candles, pictures, books and letter boards can serve a purpose but also help the aesthetics and feel of your office.

  1. Choose the Right Chair

One of the most important components of a home office is the chair. Since you’re going to be spending hours working, you need an ergonomic and beautiful chair.

Aside from having a desk chair, you also need another type of chair such as an eames chair for when you need to step away from your desk.

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  1. Paint the Walls the Right Color

If you’re trying to create a modern home office design, you need to pick an office color that is modern but also timeless.

Make sure you choose a color that you can live with for a long time if you choose to go for a bolder color.

  1. Keep Cords Out of Sight

To achieve a modern office look, you need to keep the cords out of sight. No one likes to see cords everywhere when they enter their office.

Not only are cords unsightly, but they are a trip hazard. Make sure you get the right accessories to keep cords out of sight.

Follow These Modern Home Office Design Tips

Now that you know about these modern home office design tips, you’re ready to make your office the most productive space in your home.

To create the perfect modern space, you need to choose the right chair, paint, pick functional pieces, and hide the chords.

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