Organic Baby Products to Choose and Why

Rohan Mathew

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As parents, we always want the best for our children, especially for our babies who are still very fragile and vulnerable. We always consider what is good for their health and safety. New parents, in particular, have this gnawing feeling of not doing enough for the baby.

Sometimes, it is also overwhelming when you are bombarded with an overabundance of information, which are at times, contradicting. But choosing to understand the benefits of using organic baby products is a big step in helping you make the best decision for your little one.

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What are organic baby products, and are they worth your money?

You want only the best for your baby, and you are willing to explore the safest and healthiest way you can take care of them. An ideal place to start is searching for baby products with no hazardous components, those touted as organic baby products.

But as you go through the long list of these baby products, you realise that they come at an added cost. One of the questions bugging most parents thinking to switch from traditional to organic is, is it worth it?

One  good source of nutrition for infants is the organic baby formula

Below is a list of organic baby products that are worth investing in:

  • Food

Breastmilk is still the best for babies, but for mothers whose only option is formula milk, organic formula milk is the best choice. The organic formula may be a bit pricier than the non-organic milk, but it gives healthier benefits for your baby. It is a cost all parents are willing to pay for something that a baby will directly absorb in the body.

When the baby starts taking solid food, it would be a wiser choice to buy organic food. Many studies have shown the dangers of consuming food tainted with pesticides, dyes, and preservatives. You can also choose to grow your food to be sure that it is safe from chemicals harmful to your child. Or you can opt for eco-friendly produce to get rid of pesticides and other chemical contaminants on your fruits and vegetables.

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  • Skin Care

Many parents are more aware now that at least 60% of whatever is applied to the baby’s skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. Baby products, such as lotions, toothpaste, body wash, and shampoo, can be absorbed by the baby’s thinner and more permeable skin.

Nowadays, many baby products claim to be organic when it contains only a small per cent of the good matter. You can check if it is indeed organic by reading the label to ensure that the toxic and harmful ingredients are not present. Genuine organic baby products contain mostly plant-based ingredients and less or no trace of chemicals.

  • Clothing

For baby’s clothing, having them all organic may be impractical. Experts recommend 100% cotton is effective. Leave out dark-coloured baby clothes because they more likely used a lot of dyes. Baby clothes must also be washed a few times before use to get rid of the chemicals used in production.

Your child’s health is important, but it need not cost you an arm and a leg. With due diligence in gathering facts and a discerning eye to weed out the unnecessary information, you can ensure your baby’s health and still be practical about it.