5 Tips to Boost eCommerce Sales Fast

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

It’s no secret that eCommerce is booming – but so is the number of competitors! Now more than ever, it’s important to do everything you can to boost your sales and stand out from your rivals.

Looking for some easy ways to quickly increase your eCommerce sales and boost those conversions? The tips below should help you to get those virtual tills ringing…


One of the easiest ways to quickly boost your eCommerce sales is to run a promotion. This could be offered to everyone who visits your site, or you could choose to target existing customers, first time visitors, or other customer groups. Another way is to offer a discount code, like 10% off your NEXT order with code ABC, etc.

In addition, don’t forget about utilising email marketing to tell people about your special offers and discount. A simple promotion email can send a flurry of traffic to your website and get those sales coming in. Everyone loves a discount!

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Photos and videos

The digital world offers amazing opportunities and allows you to quickly and easily target people from all around the world. Equally, online shopping is quick, easy and convenient for the customer.

Unfortunately, one drawback of digital is that the customer isn’t physically there to see, hold and touch the product. That’s why utilising photos and video of the product is so key to increasing conversions and encouraging customers to buy. 

Be sure to include a good range of high quality photos from different angles, as well as utilising demonstrations and other product videos where appropriate. Sometimes video is just THE best way to showcase a product.

Testimonials and reviews

When you buy something online, the chances are you like to look at customer reviews and testimonials to gauge what other people think of the product or company. Otherwise, how do you know if the product is any good?

Reviews and testimonials are hugely important when it comes to building trust and increasing your conversion rate. Testimonials can be collected on a regular basis and displayed at various points on your website. For reviews, considering using a service like Reviews.io to collect and collate reviews. For example, you might include item reviews on each product page, with a feed showcasing overall feedback on the homepage.

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Optimise for mobile

Most people now shop on mobile devices. This might differ for B2B businesses, but for B2C there’s no escaping the fact that smartphones and tablets really are king when it comes to online shopping.

For this reason, it’s imperative to ensure your online store offers a first-rate experience on mobile devices. It should be quick to load, with a mobile responsive layout that works well on every device.

You can also utilise features designed specially for mobile, like swipeable image galleries, etc. Also, make sure that all text remains readable on smaller screen sizes, so pay attention to font sizes and colour.

Streamlined checkout process

You probably already know that cart abandonment is a real barrier to increasing your eCommerce sales. Someone adds items to their basket and then leaves your site forever without ever buying anything.

How do you get around this? Having a streamlined checkout really helps, so make sure the fields are clear and that the checkout process isn’t too lengthy. Don’t forget to also include trusted credit/debit card logos and payment provider logos to build trust and let people know the range of convenient payment options there is to choose from.