How Much Does a Root Canal Cost on Average?

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Dawn arrives, and you haven’t sleep due to pain radiating from your tooth. Tooth discoloration, swollen gums, and pain might mean you need a root canal.

Without treatment, the infection in your tooth will spread. You are at risk of heart attack and stroke when the infection enters your bloodstream.

Americans receive over 15 million root canals each year to treat serious infections. The process is simple, and there are few complications.

Questions about the root canal cost hold people back from seeking treatment. Don’t get surprised by your first root canal bill. Our guide will walk you through the average root canal prices.

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Getting a Root Canal

Root canals have a reputation for being painful. In reality, a successful root canal gives you quick relief from tooth infections.

The root canal process has four steps:

  • Take out the infected tooth pulp
  • Disinfect the tooth
  • Seal the tooth with a rubbery material
  • Protect the tooth with a filling or crown

The root canal is either done in one long sitting or several short appointments. It depends on the severity of the infection.

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How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

Your teeth have hollow tubes to hold nerves. Some teeth have a single canal; others can have up to three. The number of infected canals determines the overall root canal cost.

These are the averages prices listed by type of tooth:

  • Molars – $1,000 to $2,000
  • Bicuspids – $800 to $1,200
  • Front teeth – $700 to $1,100

Where you live can affect the final root canal price. People in the Northeast pay almost $600 more for a molar root canal.

Dental insurance covers typical dental work, like cleanings and examinations. For root canals, your dental insurance may cover half or none of the final bill. Ask about payment options when scheduling your root canal treatment.

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Are There Any Extra Root Canal Costs?

The price per tooth covers the first three steps of the root canal process. It doesn’t cover any costs for non-invasive treatments before and after the root canal.

Before the root canal appointment, you might need antibiotics. They help fight the infection and reduce swelling until the procedure. After the root canal, you will get a prescription for more antibiotics and a pain killer.

When your tooth heals from the root canal, it will need a cap or filling. Without some form of protection, the weakened tooth will break. Capping the affected tooth can cost around $1000.

Take Care of Your Tooth Pain and Get a Good Night’s Sleep Again

A root canal puts an end to constant throbbing pain from an infected tooth. Delaying your treatment because the root canal cost is too high can be dangerous. A tooth infection will spread to become a sinus infection or worse.

If the cost of a root canal holds you back from getting help, talk to your dentist. They have access to information about low-cost root canal options. Their main concern is keeping you happy and healthy.

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