5 Tips to Declutter and Organize Your House

Albert Howard

5 Tips to Declutter and Organize Your House

Who likes the thought of dealing with a messy house? You may feel stressed looking at the piles of dishes that need washing, get frustrated when you can’t find what you’re looking for, or grimace at the sight of your disorganized closet. As humans, we need a clean and organized space to feel good. The minute your environment becomes disarray, it can affect your mental well-being. 

As a result, you may get angry more often, feel unhappy with the thought of going back and struggle to enjoy your space without feeling disgusted by the surrounding mess. If you have hit this point, you need to take control. While clutter and disorganization are a part of life, the minute it becomes chaotic, you need to rewind the cassette of your life. 

Cleaning up your space is a great way to reclaim your momentum and find your center of balance again. So, if you are ready to finally conquer the mess in your house, grab your supplies and get going:

  • Move your items into storage

Hoarding is a bad habit. If you’re a compulsive shopper, there is a high chance you have purchased items you don’t need and stored them around your house. Wanting things is not bad. You are free to buy anything you like. Nonetheless, storing them in a proper place will help reduce the clutter in your house. If you don’t use specific items regularly, it’s best to store them in a storage facility in your city.  

For instance, if you live in the lovely town of Shreveport, known for its affordable housing, warm climate, and business-friendly services, you’re bound to find reliable storage units. You can check out Shreveport storage units for this purpose and rest your mind at ease. What’s best is that you can rent storage units of various sizes and that too, at affordable rates.

So, if you have too many clothes or furniture, you can shift them to the storage unit for the time being until you’re ready to hold a garage sale to get rid of them. Priceless items like your family photos, baby things, and old memories of your school can also go into storage. Your house should contain the necessary items only; as a result, cleaning and maintenance tasks will become less daunting. 

  • Donate 

Sometimes the best way to get rid of certain items is by donating them. If you have clothing, toys, and even household appliances in good condition, choose to donate them. This thoughtful gesture frees up space for you to use, creates room for new things, and prevents you from having a cluster of objects lying around your house. When making a donation pile, ensure the items you hand away to places like the Salvation Army are still in workable condition. If you have tattered and discolored items, you must throw them away. A general rule of thumb is anything you haven’t worn in a while needs to go. 

Likewise, unless your toys are collectibles and replaceable, give them away. Social media is also an incredible place to sell your goods. Online marketplaces like Facebook can connect you to groups where you can sell or give away used items. If you plan on buying new products, ensure you don’t have a similar one lying at home, or get rid of the older version. There is no point in you having two of the same products. 

  • Designate a place for everything

To stay on top of the mess around your house, you must ensure everything has a proper place. For example, you can use the bathroom drawers to hold all your toiletries, including your Q tips and hairbrush. While in the kitchen, keep one drawer for your utensils, one for your serving spoons, and the last one for your table runners. 

Anytime you move something or retrieve it, ensure to put it back in its place. It would help if you tried revisiting these drawers weekly to ensure they’re uniform and you didn’t accidentally misplace your things. This method ensures that when you need any particular product, you’ll know where they are stored instead of looking for them around the house. 

  • Cancel paperback subscription mails

Magazines and newsletters have subscription packages. If you pay for these services, you should expect a paperback copy to turn up in your mail every quarter. Paper adds to clutter. You may end up with a pile of magazines and newsletters that do nothing but take up the space in your house. A surefire way to deal with this mess is to get rid of it. 

Start by recycling and giving away all these paper-based printouts. Next up, unsubscribe from these services and try using email subscriptions instead. This tactic ensures that all your mail stays in your email, and you can revisit any magazine you want without sorting through a big mess. 

  • Have a monthly decluttering session

Cleaning your house is a continuous process. After you tend your space once, your belongings may become disorganized again. That’s because after using an item, you might unintentionally put it in the wrong place or leave it lying around. Hence, encourage yourself to have monthly decluttering sessions. 

This tactic allows you to clean up what you accumulated in the previous months and decide what needs to go. For example, your clothing needs to go every year. Anything you didn’t wear for a few months should be donated. 

Final thoughts

Your house can affect your mental well-being immensely. If you’re living in a cluttered and messy place, it will significantly impact your mental well-being. So, the best way to ensure that your house is not contributing to your declining mental health is by working on keeping it clean. You can tackle this in many ways: arrange your items for storage and keep the products you need behind. 

Always donate and sell your possessions, mainly if you no longer use them. It would help if everything in your house had a place instead of tossing them around here and there. Furthermore, switch to email subscriptions over physical ones and consider a monthly declutter session to prevent your house from getting messy again.