5 Ways Businesses Can Save Water at the Office This Winter

Rohan Mathew

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Whether you’re a startup or a fully-fledged business, your main responsibility as the owner is to monitor your finances and look at ways to save money. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has hit many industries this year, resulting in a decline in sales and revenue. If your business has been affected, you must look at strategies to keep operation costs down.

The first place to start is by saving money on your water bill. The amount of water you use will depend on the scope and nature of your business. So, here are some universal changes and checks you can enforce to reduce your water consumption and water rates.

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Monitor Your Water Usage

The first step to cutting your water bill this winter is monitoring your water usage. You can achieve this by installing a water meter in the office, which will let you know how much water you use and what changes you can make to potentially save money. Once you start closely monitoring your water bill, you will be able to quickly identify any problems and sort them out immediately.

Turn Off Taps

Although it may seem like an obvious tip, many employees make the mistake of forgetting to turn off the tap completely after use. Because of COVID-19, your team will need to get into the habit of regularly washing their hands with soap, water, and hand sanitiser. So, putting signage in the toilets to remind staff to turn off the tap can lower your water bill.

Install Water Saving Measures

Numerous water saving measures can be implemented in your office to combat excess water usage. Whether it’s by installing a device in your toilet cistern, fitting a water butt, or regularly checking for leaks, it’s your duty to look for areas of concern before they turn into expensive problems. If you’re a startup and don’t know where to begin, performing a water audit can be a great way to monitor how much water you use. The primary purpose of a water audit is to establish methods to increase water use efficiency.

Engage Employees

To cut your water bill this winter, your team needs to be as committed and motivated as you. Offering regular training and guidance on what they need to do water-wise within your company will help reduce your water bill and create an eco-friendlier operation. Even if members of your team are working remotely, they should be given regular training on how to be more water conscious. This means that once they return to the office, they will already be aware of what they need to do.

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Switch Water Supplier

If you’re the type of business owner who dreads the water bill coming through the post, it may be time to switch suppliers. Comparison websites are great for finding the best Business Water rates. To get the best deal, make sure you look at a variety of quotes before making your final decision.

Making minor changes to your business infrastructure can make a massive difference and help you save money. Any of the tips above can contribute to reducing your water bill during the winter months.