How You Can Save Money While Getting Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey

Rohan Mathew

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Although a hair transplant will cost you £1,000 to £1,500 in Turkey, it’s still not a small purchase. You are spending a significant amount of money but for something important to you. Now, there are some ways by which you can avail a discount of a couple of hundred pounds which is a pretty good deal if you’re getting a hair transplant in Turkey. FUE hair transplant cost in the UK can go as high as £30,000, which is simply too much. Your hair restoration surgery doesn’t have to be this expensive.

You should also not consider spending money on other hair restoration alternatives because they’ll offer temporary relief from hair loss at most. Hair transplant is permanent. So, if you’ve set your mind on getting it, we’ll help you save some money while you’re getting it. 

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Wait for the Holiday Season 

We all know what that means: discounts, discounts, and even more discounts. It’s the perfect time to shop and pamper yourself with some self-love. The best thing about getting hair transplant during the holiday season is that you’ll have quite some time in your hands for the recovery period. Although the surgery will take at least a year before showing the final results, you’ll still get some time to recuperate after the surgery. 

The other benefit is, of course, the discount that you can avail. Hair transplant clinics most definitely try to boost sales around the holiday season by giving discounts. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, and November Black Friday are the greatest times to pounce on some good discount deals. So, you can always wait for these times to come and then try and get a quote from the hair transplant clinic. You’ll for sure be able to get a cheaper price for your hair transplant surgery. And when you’re spending in thousands, saving even a hundred or a couple of hundred pounds isn’t bad at all. To make sure that you get the most affordable treatment package, you need to become a medical tourist around the holiday season. Isn’t it sweet to get the thing that you want in the exact same high-quality, but at a lower price? Of course, it is. That’s why discounts are so much fun. 

Try to Get a Referral 

Clinics that know how to attract more clients always offer a good referral program. It’s a win-win situation, where the referrer gets a small amount of money, while the referee gets a discount. In fact, even you can become a part of the program. This might help you earn some passive income. Anyway, right now, you’re most probably going to be the referee, which means that you need to find someone who can refer you. 

Of course, you can’t just go around asking people if they’re a part of your chosen clinic’s referral program. If you know someone who had surgery with a company, ask them to refer you. You will probably end up getting a small discount.  

Ask the Clinic About Different Finance Options

One reason why some people consider using drugs like Minoxidil and Finasteride over hair transplant is cost. It’s easier to spend small sums of money, even for a long period rather than spending a large amount of money at once. What many people fail to realize is that taken together these small sums cost far more than a single hair transplant surgery. Some do understand this but are still unable to take a thousand or more pounds out of their budget. 

Fortunately, many clinics have several different financing options. You can pay for your hair transplant in instalments. It then becomes easier for many people to make the complete payment. The price will remain the same in this case, but you will be able to get a hair transplant. 

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Try to Find Cheap Flight Tickets

Now, this is another thing that you need to keep an eye out for. Usually, hair transplant clinics do not include flight tickets in the overall treatment packages as it isn’t feasible. As people come from around the globe, the price of flight tickets can hugely vary. So, you’ll have to do this yourself. 

To save some money, you should try and make a booking when the airlines roll out some big sales and discount campaigns. For that, keep visiting their website or, if possible, choose an option where you can get notified by them. You can find a really cheap flight through this. 

Don’t Forget the Quality

Coming from another country, you might find hair transplant surgery in Turkey quite affordable. Cost of living is lower in Turkey. Still, just so that you don’t get taken in by fraud clinics, you should try and find out the average cost of hair transplant in a particular area. If the cost is far below the average, you should try and avoid the clinic. Quality is what ensures good results. A failed surgery might end up costing you extra as you might need a corrective hair transplant.  

In conclusion, keep in mind that there’s always a chance to get a discount. Keep our tips in mind and maybe even save this tab, as it will save you hundreds of bills!