5 Ways to Find Student Accommodation in Australia

Rohan Mathew

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Going to Australia for studies or for an internship is a great opportunity to improve your English level while being immersed in a new culture on the other side of the world. However, finding student accommodation in a country so far is not always reassuring.

Where will I sleep once I arrive in Australia? This question is one of the first questions you may ask when preparing for departure. You don’t know how to go about finding student accommodation in Sydney, for example? Don’t panic, we’ll give you all our advice on the different types of accommodation, how to look for them and not get lost in the procedures!

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Student residence

International students have a variety of high-quality accommodation options to find accommodation while studying in Australia. Most universities and colleges in Australia can offer student accommodation on campus, usually giving priority to first-year international students. It is also possible to rent an apartment or a room in a university residence with a shared kitchen.

These are often apartments, student or independent residences. Living in a residence means that you will share your daily life with men and women from all over the world outside of your classes. This is the perfect opportunity to socialize and make new friends. Make the most of this experience! You have the choice between single, double or triple room. You can also opt for a dormitory. This according to your budget and your desires. Breakfast is usually included in the rent.

Youth hostels

The youth hostel is the best way to meet people from all over the world in complete freedom. It is often the starting point of a new adventure, and a safe alternative to finding an apartment as soon as you arrive. This is a practical short-term solution before moving into more permanent accommodation. Australia has plenty of hostels, making it the preferred choice for many backpackers visiting the country. Our student advisers will help you choose the best alternative!


Living with an Australian family is a great alternative to start your Australian adventure. As well as being a unique experience, it will help you understand the culture and quickly improve your English. Families are carefully selected to meet your needs. You will be entitled to a warm welcome.

You will have a single room and you will have the option of choosing between half board or overnight stays. This is the best solution if you want some privacy at affordable prices. The length of stay with a host family is a minimum of 4 weeks and varies depending on the total duration of your classes. Many students choose this solution to settle down, the time to find shared accommodation.

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Private accommodation

Private accommodation is interesting since it allows you to be relatively free and independent, which you will not necessarily find in a university room. For this, the best way to find the accommodation of your dreams is to go to real estate classifieds sites. Let us quote for example:

Please note, the rental amount (“rent”) is calculated per week. Rent is paid at the start or end of the week. This is around AU$100 to AU$400 Australian dollars per week. You can also go through a real estate agency, but additional costs may increase the bill.

When you enter the accommodation, you will have to sign a tenancy agreement with your landlord, or rental contract, and pay a rental bond, the equivalent of our deposit. This amounts to a maximum of one month’s rental. Note that private accommodation can quickly become very expensive as we mentioned above, especially if you move to a big city, or near a popular place. If you are on a budget, you will most likely have to make compromises to go solo. Otherwise, colocation remains a good solution.

Shared apartments in Australia

Shared apartments are often preferred and are a perfect choice for medium and long term stays. Share an apartment with other people from all over the world. You have the choice between single, double or triple room. For those traveling as a duo, an independent studio may be the best solution.

In Australia, it is quite easy to find shared accommodation. In any case, it’s much easier than in France. You will have almost no paper to fill out. You will find plenty of colocation offers on websites specializing in colocation. Once you have visited and chosen the apartment of your dreams, all you have to do is make a security deposit. In general, a shared room in Australia costs between AU$70 and AU$205 Australian dollars per week. Regarding shared accommodation and private accommodation, we advise you to visit the premises once there.

Keep an eye on the Australian Government’s Study and Immigration website for average house prices. There is all the information that international students might need. There are many possibilities for accommodation in Australia! Youth hostels, homestay, student residence, apartments, hotels, motels… Of course, it is up to you to define the type of accommodation that best suits your needs and your budget.