6 Good Reasons To Use Carpet Underlay

Rohan Mathew

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6 Good Reasons To Use Carpet Underlay

Fitting new carpets is a sure-fire way to transform the look and feel of your home – but there is more to think about than the pile, texture, and colour you want.

All too often, people overlook the underlay that goes beneath it. However, a decent underlay protects your flooring against heavy wear and prolongs its longevity, allowing you to enjoy your new carpets for years to come.

Here we look at the top six benefits of using carpet underlay. 

  • Enhances comfort

Even if you have the softest carpet in the world, if you lay it on top of a solid stone or concrete floor, it’s likely to feel hard and uncomfortable to walk on – especially barefoot.

Carpet underlay adds a cushioned depth of underfoot comfort, making it softer for you to walk on either in your shoes, fluffy slippers, or stocking feet. 

Underlay can be used to cover any lumps and bumps and level out irregularities in the subfloor – before your new carpet is fitted – ensuring a luxuriously soft feel.

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  • Improves insulation

A carefully selected carpet underlay can add warmth to your home, particularly a product with a high tog rating! 

Underlay provides a barrier between the carpet and your flooring. The thick, dense material blocks cold air and prevents warm air from escaping, giving your rooms a more cosy feel. And because it traps the heat beneath the floor – insulating the room and keeping it warm – underlay could potentially save you money on your energy bills, too.

  • Reduces noise

Not just a fantastic heat insulator, underlay acts as a barrier against sound and can help with soundproofing. This is especially useful if you live in a flat and for rooms upstairs.

Underlay reduces the noise caused by feet walking across the floor, and prevents noise travelling through the ceiling from rooms downstairs, allowing you to enjoy a quieter home with fewer disturbances.

  • Extends the lifespan of carpets

Underlay is often dismissed as an optional extra, but it’s actually an integral element that shapes how your carpets look, feel and wear. 

A good quality carpet underlay acts as a shock absorber and increases the lifespan of your flooring by a whopping 30-50%.

It will protect your carpeted floors against moisture and, in turn, prevent damage from dampness. So, not only will your new flooring last longer but it could also save you money in the long run.

  • Makes carpets look better

As we’ve mentioned, underlay can improve everything from how flooring feels underfoot to how it wears over time.

Carpet underlay absorbs shock and impacts from footfall. It will prevent the pile from flattening down and will ensure that your carpet retains its sumptuous spring for longer. 

Of course, you’ll need to maintain your new flooring and keep it clean, but the underlay will protect your floors and keep them looking like new for as long as possible.

  • Improves hygiene

If you’re fitting new carpets, you usually need new carpet underlay. 

Using worn underlay will likely cause your carpet to wear unevenly, making it less comfy to walk on. However, it’ll also harbour lots of dirt, dust, and other debris.

Investing in new carpet underlay will provide a barrier against embedded dirt and can preserve the carpet pile for longer – making it much easier to clean and more hygienic.

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Could you benefit from carpet underlay?

Underlay provides all of the aforementioned benefits, helping to keep your home warmer and prolonging the life of your brand new flooring.

Although invisible once fitted, the cushioning effect of underlay will eliminate damage to the underside of your carpet, which generally occurs from wear and tear.

There are lots of different types of underlay, suitable for use with different flooring and rooms. Choosing the right one will ensure you receive maximum value for money.

Invest in top-quality carpet underlay today

Carpets don’t come cheap, so it makes sense to add an extra layer between the floor and your new carpet to extend its longevity. 

As a leading supplier of carpet underlay, Carpet Underlay Shop stocks a wide variety of products – ranging from PU foam underlay and wool felt underlay to combination, crumb-rubber, and double-stick underlay. They even supply wood and laminate underlays and a host of accessories to aid installation, too.

Despite their products being manufactured to exceptional quality, they are available to purchase online for a highly competitive price. And orders placed before 2pm, Monday to Friday, will be dispatched the very same day, meaning you shouldn’t have to wait too long for your underlay to arrive.

If you’re unsure which underlay you need or you have any questions about carpet underlay, get in touch with the experts at Carpet Underlay Shop on 0203 887 0994.