How to cool your gaming laptop

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Gaming is a tough task for laptops. Your laptops start heating up when you play heavy games. But in the case of light games, your laptop does not heat up.

When your laptop starts heating up, many problems can occur while playing the games.

The very basic problem you will face is your games start lagging. This can be the most annoying problem we ever face. But some remedies can decrease the load of laptops.

Many tips and tricks are used to cool down the laptop and these tips can be very useful and easy to apply.

You can apply these tricks without paying a penny and you can do it at your home. So, these tips and tricks are discussed below.

Close all background apps

When we talk about gaming, it needs performance and for performance, we need to run the game only and must close all the background apps.

Multitasking is not a good option when you are playing games. You can do only one task at a time. So, for better performance, you must close all the tabs and applications.

But still, some applications must be needed even with gaming so, using them is fine. When your laptop starts heating up, it will create a lag in your game.

This lag must be very annoyed and disliked by the player. You must close all applications and tabs to have a better performance without heating your laptop.

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Don’t plug in the charger

When we plug in the charger while using the laptop, it can damage your battery health and can make your laptop heated up. It consumes more power.

The best option is to fully charge your laptop before playing the games and don’t plug in the charger unless there is an emergency.

If you are playing your game and your laptop charging is not that much to save the entire progress then it is compulsory to plug in the charger.

But it is not highly recommendable to play games while attaching the laptop with the power. But in some cases, it is fine.

Moreover, it will damage the battery’s health. Due to overheating, it can be very dangerous, and there are many chances of the explosion of the battery.

A heated battery can also damage other hardware like a graphics card or a hard disk drive. So, it is compulsory to make your laptop cool while playing.

Use a cooling pad

Many manufacturers are offering cooling pads that are used to make the laptops cooler. These cooling pads have a fan installed in them.

You can easily put them under the laptop and turn the switch on. There are several types of fans, you can choose which one is suitable for you.

No doubt, it is something very important and must be used especially while playing the games. Gaming needs performance and we must do something for performance.

Getting a cooling fan or cooling pads can be cost-consuming but it is worth spending on this accessory. The best 140mm fan is a really decent and affordable choice today.

This can be a good choice for cooling your laptop and make your laptop perform the best.

Using a good RAM

Using good RAM is very important for gaming. It is something technical to understand. But it is cleared that your laptop speed somehow depends on the RAM.

When you have poor RAM, you must compromise on the speed. And when you compromise on the speed and playing heavy games then it is something difficult to handle for your laptop.

To run your games without any lag then your laptop requires good RAM but it is not present then your laptop starts heating up.

And when it starts heating up then you cannot play your games without lags. There are many more problems that you must face while playing on a low RAM.

Some laptops have the default RAM that is not so impressive so, in this case, you must upgrade your RAM.

But some laptops already come along with good RAM that helps to improve the gaming performance and also good for other tasks do.

Having a good RAM is not only a need of a gaming laptop but it is also compulsory for a simple laptop that you can use for official or business tasks.

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Prefer SSD over the hard disk drive

It is proven that when we use SSD, the speed of the laptop increased. So, having an SSD to make your laptop speedier is very important.

We can say that SSD is somehow expensive but it is something worth spending your money on. When you become used to SSD, you‘ll just love it.

There is no problem using a typical hard disk drive but it is not wrong if we say that using a hard disk drive is like compromising on the speed and compromising on the speed means the heating up of your laptop.

So, it is cleared that a storage space somehow plays a role in cooling or heating your laptop.

But it is your choice whether to play games with speed or to compromise on it.

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Wrap up

Cooling down your laptop is very important especially in the case of gaming. When we play games on a heated-up laptop, it will not work the same as it is designed to work.

But when we play these games on a good laptop or we can say that a cool laptop, the performance will be the same as it is designed for the gamers.

These tips and tricks look very small but it has a greater impact on the performance and speed. So, you must follow these to make your laptop perform the best.