6 Tried and True Ways to Save on Air Conditioning Costs

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In the winter, the majority of energy costs goes towards heating. In the summer, it goes towards cooling. In either scenario, air conditioning costs go higher.

Although it’d be wonderful on the wallet to not have to use as much energy during the winter and summer, air conditioning and heating is needed to keep the entire family comfortable. If you can’t shut down the air conditioning unit completely, then how can you save on the cost of air conditioning?

In this guide below, you’ll learn about several different ways to start cutting back your energy bill today. Continue reading to find out more!

  1. Schedule Regular Maintenance

A run-down air conditioning unit that hasn’t been maintained properly won’t run as efficiently. When air conditioning units need repairs, even small ones, or cleanings, it could affect the way the unit runs, forcing it to work harder than it should.

When the unit is forced to work double-time, it uses more energy than it normally would. To prevent this from happening, you should schedule regular maintenance appointments for the unit. If an air conditioning repair is needed, the professionals will be able to assess the issue and proceed accordingly.

Even if everything seems to be working fine, still have regular maintenance done for tune-ups.

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  1. Keep the Units Clean and Cleared

If you’re like many other homeowners, then you use your air conditioning unit’s closet to store household items. If you store your vacuum, brooms, mops, and other supplies in the closet with your air conditioning unit, then now is the time to remove them.

Placing items like these in the closet with your AC unit creates an obstruction in the airflow, which eventually leads to a less efficient unit. The same is true for your outside unit as well. Make sure there are no obstructions there either.

Take your time to remove all twigs, branches, leaves, dirt, and other debris from around the unit.

  1. Lower or Raise the Thermostat 

How often do you raise or lower your thermostat? You should be doing this on a daily basis. Each time you leave your house, place the thermostat on a temperature closer to the temperature outside.

Your unit will then not have to work as hard to cool or heat your home while you’re gone. While home, consider wearing clothes that you’d wear outside and try to keep the temperature inside close to the temperature outside.

For example, if it’s hot outside, there’s no reason to wear pants and a sweater inside and have the thermostat set on 60°. Instead, wear shorts and a light tank top and allow your thermostat to be set at a higher temperature.

Smart thermostats are great because you can place them on a timer to change settings based on your schedule or lifestyle. You then won’t have to worry about raising or lowering it each time you leave the house.

  1. Weatherize Your Entire Home

Rather than placing all the hard work on your air conditioning unit, consider weatherizing your entire home and making it much easier on the unit. To begin weatherizing, start searching for possible drafts in the home. Make sure to seal all drafts in your windows or doors.

Installing energy-saving windows can also help. You can then consider installing new and updated insulation in the home and placing insulation around the air conditioning unit too. When you add all of these weatherizing projects together, you’ll notice a decrease in your energy bill.

  1. Replace the Unit When Beyond Repair

Nothing lasts forever and over time, your air conditioning unit will need replacing. How old is your unit? How many times have you needed to make repairs on it?

Are you constantly having to make the same repair to the unit or constantly having to add freon? Constant repairs could mean that your air conditioning unit is beyond repair. If something isn’t fixed properly or repaired correctly, then it could force your unit to work harder than it should.

Rather than spending more money each month on your energy bill, replace the entire unit, and reap the rewards of lower energy costs.

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  1. Protect Your Home From the Sun

Another way to help your air conditioning unit out is to protect your home from the sun in all ways possible. The more sunshine that beams into your home, the hotter your home will be, and the harder the unit will have to work. There are several things you can do to block the sun and promote more shade.

For example, you can plant a variety of trees in the yard. Make sure the trees are planted in locations that’ll block the sun during the hottest points of the day. Do leave some space for the sun to reach the grass.

The right amount of shade and fun will keep your lawn happy and your home cool. You can also cover all windows. Installing shutters is a great way to block out the sun when hot outside and let it in when cold.

When not at home, be sure to shut the blinds as well. Keeping the blinds shut while you’re away will block the sun’s hot rays from heating up your home.

Are Air Conditioning Costs Burning You Up?

Are your current air conditioning costs burning you up? Don’t get angry, use the tips listed in the guide above to help you find multiple ways to save on energy costs. Use a few of these tips or use them all for the best results!

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