6 Ways to Get a Free Online Tarot Reading

Rohan Mathew

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I made a decision that changed my life forever. The anxious person that I am, I usually resort to activities like sports to handle my anxiety. Then one night on the way home, after a hard game of basketball, I passed by a grocery store with a poster and peculiar symbol, and it said “Tarot Reading Online”. I was very curious so when I arrived home, I quickly searched for it on the internet to find out what it is about. And from that moment on, I became a tarot reading practitioner.

Tarot card reading is a guide on how your fortune MIGHT turn out to be. Although it gives out certain predictions about you and the coming days, it does not predict the certain future. Predictions from Tarot cards can be safely called as guides to whatever issues you may have or how to get to a position that you desire in the near future. It will not reveal any specific details but rather what you can do to get your answers about yourself, life and love answered. 

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6 Ways to Get a Free Online Tarot Reading

There are a lot of online tarot readers and of course they aren’t free of charge, however there are some who give online tarot reading trials for free, and here is where you can get them in the internet.

  • Youtube

With Youtube being one of the best places to promote, online tarot card readers often give free online readings through their youtube channel. You can check out key words like free readings or free trials and it will lead you directly to their website.

  • Vimeo

Vimeo is also like youtube and contains many videos and links of free online tarot readings. It is in fact a great source of leads to free online tarot reading websites. Just be diligent in looking for the right ones. Don’t forget to look for hints and keywords like free, trial, and giveaway.

  • Demonstration Readings

Online tarot readers often do demo readings on a certain page or website and will do it free of charge. Usually it is done through streaming sites so that many people can see their demos. All you have to do is become a member of the website, which is usually free of charge, and then look for topics and keywords in the search bar.

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  • Free Chat

This is another way of getting online tarot readings. Online Tarot Readers also offer a free chat consultation in order to give you a sneak peek to the world of tarot readings. Try and search for free chats with mediums to help you get free readings.

  • Free Phone Minutes

Online Tarot readers also offer free phone minutes via cellphone or land line. This is a good way of utilizing free minutes because you can express yourself directly to the medium

  • Online Forums and discussions

Lastly, online forums and discussions offer a crate full of leads because it talks about tarot readings in a social media community and are most likely joined by online tarot readers. Check them out and you’ll be raking in leads of free tarot sessions by the end of your day.