Why Kraft Boxes Are Important

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Kraft boxes are just another type of boxes used by brands to display or ship their products in, but it definitely isn’t like other materials. A few years back, when most brands were using plastic packaging to sell their products which were very bad for our environment, someone came up with the idea of kraft boxes. Kraft boxes took the packaging market by storm like there was never another packaging used there. You might be wondering, what was the reason? There were many reasons, but the important ones were following: 

  • Made from 100% recyclable material
  • Eco-friendly
  • Different in appearance 
  • Cost-effective 

These were some important reasons why these boxes created havoc in the market, and in no time, plastic vanished from the scene. The reason was that everyone liked the idea that just by using these kraft boxes, they can do good for the environment. Soon big brands started using custom printed kraft boxes to attract more customers, so if you are not using these boxes already, this is high time that you switch. 

Now let’s talk about the reasons why you should switch to kraft boxes. 

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  • Better sales 

Kraft boxes are brown boxes, and you might think how they can give you better sales, right? They are not like other brown boxes because they can be customized way better than their competitors. When you customize these packaging’s, the retailers will be forced to use your product on the front shelf. This will give better sales to both you and the retailers. 

  • Customization 

Every brand needs the hustle and bustle in their stores or e-stores for better sales, and how do the brands attract more customers? The only technique they use to attract customers is by using customized boxes that are appealing to customers’ eyes. Presentation is the only thing that can influence the purchase decision of a customer so make sure you present your product in the right manner, just how your potential customers like. Remember, you are just called the owner of the business, but the customers are building your business, and you need to take care of the demands of your customers. Hire a professional designer and share your ideas about the packaging with them and leave the rest up to them. After the packaging is designed and for some reason, you don’t like how it turned out; you can ask the designer to design the packaging again. Print extra details about your product and brand to enhance the experience of your customers. 

  • A good option for entrepreneurs 

Entrepreneurs from all around the world are looking for distinctive boxes that can be used for their promotion. Instead of choosing crazy colored boxes, these entrepreneurs prefer simplicity in the packaging, and kraft boxes are mainly known for their simplicity. The brand logo and slogans printed on the box give the box more professional look and make a brand’s unique identity. If you are the kind of entrepreneur who doesn’t like brown boxes, you can also change the color of the boxes, just contact the packaging company and ask them to change the color of your boxes. These boxes are the trendiest packaging you can find, thanks to their elegance. Also, this packaging will help your printing per box cost as low as possible. 

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  • Sturdy and safe

These boxes were designed to keep the products packed inside safe. This box is strong enough to protect the product in case of an unusual fall. Many restaurants and bakeries prefer these boxes because they protect the goods from a fall and ensure that the moisture stays away from the product. 

  • Variety of designs and sizes 

If the above-mentioned reasons weren’t enough to influence your views on these boxes, we are sure this will help you even better. These boxes can be used in multiple shapes, designs, and sizes. It doesn’t matter how oddly shaped your product is; these boxes can be manufactured in any shape depending upon your product. If you have a product that has many variations, then don’t worry because you can choose the right size for your product. If you have a product that is in between small and medium-size, you can tell the packaging company to make a box on the dimensions given by you. This might cost you just a bit more because they might have to create a new die for the size asked by you. To enhance your customer’s unboxing experience, you can choose different box designs like sleeve style, window boxes, top flip, and many more.