12 Advantages of Sliding Glass Door Locks Know Quickly

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In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss 12 Advantages of Sliding Glass Door Locks Know Quickly.

A sliding glass door is a great choice to make your home classier. But it will not be secure without a lock. The advantages of sliding glass door locks are many. It will both keep your home safe from an intruder as well as keeping little children at home. You can even buy sliding doors for your Home & Commercial property at very attractive prices.

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Sliding Glass Door Locks

Advantages of Sliding Glass Door Locks

Sliding glass door locks are a little bit different from the locks used for other door types because you have to prevent the door from sliding to lock it. Where in case of other doors, you have to apply a torque to open them. Different kinds of sliding glass door locks are available. Some of them are described below.

  1. Clasp Lock: It has a hook and a metal flake. It may need an additional padlock.
  2. Foot Bolt: Foot bolt is installed either at the top or bottom of the door. You can only open it from inside. When the latch is inserted in the hole, the latch restrains the door from sliding.
  3. Cylinder Lock: It is the most secure lock for sliding glass doors. These locks are fitted at the glass door ends.
  4. Security Bar Lock: Security bars restrains the glass from sliding. You have to lift the bar up to slide the door.

Smart door locks are also available for sliding glass doors.

Window Locks are also good for your house for safety.

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Advantages of Sliding Glass Door Locks

The glass used in sliding glass doors is tempered. Breaking this glass creates to noise and not easy. So forcing the sliding door to open is the first choice for burglars. In this circumstance, sliding glass door locks are advantageous in many aspects. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. You can open these doors sideways by sliding them. It makes your home more gorgeous. But if the lock is broad and large, that may ruin the beauty. But sliding glass door locks are specially designed to make your house secure without disturbing the doors’ elegance. The locks can be installed at any heights you want. You can set them on door tracks or frames or on the glass.
  2. Various kinds of sliding glass door locks are available. You can get a keyed lock for your sliding glass door. Keyed locks are safer than the locks that do not use keys.
  3. As well as hands-free systems are available too. You can open the door only by pressing the button or rotating the screw. It is especially helpful if you are installing the lock to keep your toddlers at home.
  4. Glass to glass or glass to the wall, both kinds of locks are available. Glass to glass locks will able you to lock the sliding parts together.
  5. Most of the sliding glass door locks can be installed easily and quickly. So installation is not a big deal.
  6. Smart door locks are also available for sliding glass doors. But they are expensive.
  7. Both side handling is available. So you can open the lock from both sides where some locks can be opened from inside only. So thieves do not get access to the lock to try to open it.
  8. Anti-theft mechanisms are available. Some locks use concealed screws and hardened steel to make them anti-theft. So the lock will be tamper-resistant.
  9. Some locks use bolt cutter, and hand saw resistant materials. So it would be tough to break the lock for a burglar.
  10. Some locks have come in the security bar lock form. It is a hands-free system. You can open the door only by lifting the bar up. Childproof anti-lift features are also available for this kind of locks. Another feature of this type of lock is you can keep the door partially open without letting it be more open so that you will let the airflow and let your pet come in or go out while keeping your house secure.
  11. Warranties and guarantees are available for many locks.
  12. Sliding glass locks are durable too. Many of these locks are made of aluminum. Other locks use nature-friendly materials.

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How to Choose a Quality Patio Door Lock?

You must choose a dependable quality lock system for your sliding glass door. This is the first step in ensuring your home security.

  1. Firstly, see the manual and description. Find out the material of the lock. Durability and stability of the lock depend more on it. You can also search for reviews.
  2. Know about the lock mechanism and make sure that it is the type of lock you are searching for.
  3. Check the warranty and guaranty terms if available.
  4. Ask if the lock has any anti-theft or baby proof feature.
  5. Lastly, check the package before buying it. So that all the accessories you need are included—for example, lock body, latch, cover plate, screws, etc.

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Install Your Sliding Glass Door Lock

Now install a lock on your sliding glass door. Make your home safer and relish the advantages of sliding glass door locks.


Hope We Had Successfully Discussed Advantages of Sliding Glass Door Locks And

12 Advantages of Sliding Glass Door Locks Know Quickly

Use toughened glass cut to size for the sliding door that is best for you.