7 Common Lock Problems and Solutions Know Quickly

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Are You Looking For Common Lock Problems and Solutions?

In your day to day life, you may face problems regarding your lock. It would be good for you if you know common lock problems and their solutions. So you will be able to solve those problems at home by yourself. And this will help you also to maintain precautions so that any problem does not occur.

Let’s Discuss  7 Common Lock Problems and Solutions

Common Lock Problems and Solutions

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7 Common Lock Problems With Their Solutions

Some of the most frequently occurring problems and their solutions are discussed here. Firstly you need to figure out the problem with your lock. Then you can make your choice about the way of solving the issue.

4 Common Lock Problems and Solutions Below

  1. The key is not Inserting:

Your key may not insert inside because of many reasons. Firstly, there is a possibility of using the wrong key. If the key is not for this lock, it will not insert. If your key is new, there is a good chance of being the key to a poor cut. A poor cut key may not insert inside the lock too. The key will not enter if there is any kind of blockage inside the keyhole too.


  • Check well that you are using the right key.
  • If the key is new and not inserting inside, that means it may be of a poor cut. Report this issue to the company from which you bought or made the key and get a new one for free.
  • If these two solutions do not work, check inside the keyhole with a flashlight for any kind of blockage. If found, clean it using a rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton. And then lubricate the keyhole.
  1. The key is not Turning Inside the Lock:

If the key is bent or twisted, the key will not turn inside the lock though it can be inserted. If the key is worn out, this may happen too.


  • Do not try hard to turn it. Otherwise, you can break it and make the problem more complicated. Bring the key out.
  • Check whether it is bent or not. If it is, then place it on a piece of wood. Then hit it and flat it down using a non-metal hammer. You can use wooden or rubber hammer.
  • If the key is old and worn out, try using a spare key.
  1. The lock is not turning with the key:

If any small component of the lock is worn out, then the lock may not rotate with the key.


  • To solve this issue, you need to understand the lock mechanism. In some cases, you may need to change the lock.
  • It is better to call a trusted locksmith in this case.

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  1. The Key is Broken inside the Lock:

This the most irritating problem you may face with your lock. Your key might be misaligned, or the lock was stiff. So while turning the key, the key may stick inside the lock. If you still try to turn the key, you may end up breaking the key inside.


Do not try to lock or open the door further by using the stuck or broken key. Or you may push the key more inside and make the retrieving process more complicated.

  • Try to see inside the keyhole using a flashlight. If it is visible, you can try to bring it outside. Insert a needle-nosed plier or a pincer inside. Then grab the broken piece using the tip. Now pull it back straight and use a spare key
  • Call a locksmith. Many locksmiths can make a new key from a broken one.

It Is One Of The Common Lock Problems and Solutions

  1. Slow Door Lock:

Dirt or grim may clog up inside the locking mechanism. Thus the lock may become slow.


You should clean the keyhole and the key too.

  • Soak a cotton piece in rubbing alcohol. Now swab inside the keyhole using a pincer. You can use a cotton bar too. And clean the key also.
  • Now lubricate the keyhole using silicon or graphite-based lubricant.
  • Do not use oil or grease because It may cause more dirt later. Some locksmiths prefer WD-40.
  1. The door is not Locking:

The latch of your lock may not penetrate inside the door jamb and catch the strike plate properly. If the striker plate and latch are misaligned, this may happen. Improper installation of screwed hinges and also damping may result in this.


  • Find out the misalignment problem. Then adjust using the necessary tools.
  • Tighten the screws.

It is One Of the Common Lock Problems and Solutions

  1. Smart or Electric Locks Problem:

If you are using an electric lock, your lock may run out of power. Or the touchpad or fingerprint scanner becomes less sensible.


  • If you are running out of power, charge the battery. Check the packet of the lock for the recommended type of battery. Sometimes there may be a charging option for the battery.
  • Clean the touchpad using cotton. You may use a cover for your lock.

It Is One Of The Common Lock Problems and Solutions

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Be Careful

Clean and lubricate your lock once a month. Do not be fast while turning the key. And take good care of your lock before facing any problem.

Hope We Had Successfully discussed 7 Common Lock Problems and Solutions And You UnderStand Common Lock Problems and Solutions