8 educational resources to write top research papers

Rohan Mathew

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Being a student is a challenge you need to face during your study years. It is not an easy job, but not as complicated as some might make it look. Maybe the most challenging part of being a student is writing the papers and essays that have been assigned to you. Each of them has different requirements and guidelines to follow, so with each paper, you learn something new. 

Research is an essential step in writing your research paper. Indeed, you need to conduct a study to identify and measure your key variables. But before doing this, you need to form a thesis statement and your hypothesis for your research. Then, researching your thesis statement and finding relevant resources to support your point of view is essential. 

Research is an essential step that can help you build a compelling and powerful paper. But you need to use high-authoritative sources to back up your ideas. At the same time, it is important to submit a research paper that is free of mistakes. There are many obstacles you may meet in your writing process. You may not have any idea to start with. You do not know how to assess the readability of your paper. Well, we come to your help. Here are 8 educational resources that will help you write top research papers. 

1. Google Scholar 

Few students know about Google Scholar. It is a valuable resource, especially when you need to write a research paper or any other type of essay. To support your point of view, you need to inform and cite from high-authoritative sources. So, how to find them? Search for them on Google Scholar. This platform works just like Google, only it searches through databases of studies and research published in scientific journals, books, and so on. So, if you need a platform where you can find scholarly articles written by domain experts, Google Scholar should be the choice. If you have decided on your research paper topic, you could start by searching for it on Google Scholar. You will surely find some studies and research that will serve as inspiration for your work. 

2. Academic Databases

All universities have a database of all the studies conducted under its umbrella and not only. Many of them give free access to students, to support their research process. The studies you will come across online might restrict your access to reading them. Instead, they allow you only to read the abstract. If you think they could be of huge help to you, you can search for them in the academic database. There is a great possibility of finding them there. If not, you will surely come across other studies that can serve as inspiration. 

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3. Style Guides 

One of the most important requirements you will have when writing your research paper is style. There are many styles you might be asked to apply to your paper. Some of these are APA, MLA, Chicago style, and many more. Depending on your college and the subject you are studying, other styles could apply. For example, APA (American Psychological Association) style is usually used by students of humanitarian and social sciences, such as psychology. 

You will find the style you need to follow in your requirements. Online you can find style guides that give you all the details to format your research paper. 

4. Grammarly 

Moving on, a research paper is not only about the sources you use and how you cite them. It is also about how your paper looks in the end. Professors keep an eye for grammar and spelling errors, so you need to submit a mistake-free research paper. You can always miss spotting a mistake, but Grammarly does not. It is a software program and education resource you need to use. It checks your text for mistakes and typos and suggests different word replacements or editing. But because it is software, it might not correctly identify the idea you want to send. And it may suggest some wrong editing, so make sure you implement the right feedback. 

5. Hemingway App 

A research paper should be easy to read. Some students think that using big and fluffy words will make the research paper look better. Writing complex phrases and structures is in the same category. But this is not entirely true. Your research paper should be readable and coherent. And to check how easy it is to read your paper, you can use the Hemingway App. It is a great educational resource that can help you express your ideas concisely. The algorithm analyses your text based on the writing style of Ernest Hemingway. Sometimes, a longer sentence can help you highlight an idea better, so make sure how you change the text. 

6. Research Librarians 

When going to the library, many students do not pay attention to the librarian. There has to be silence every time because students are learning or reading, so the librarian does not speak too much. However, they are an invaluable resource you can use. Librarians, besides knowing the books and journals in the library, can answer some of your questions. They specialize in research, so there is a subject or topic they are experts on. If it is similar to your research paper topic, then you can ask them more. If not, they will surely share some tips and tricks with you. And maybe, why not, recommend some great sources. 

7. Your Professor 

Even though this might seem strange to some students, your professor is a valuable educational resource. Many students are afraid of asking the professor questions because it may make them look poorly prepared. No one is born knowing all the information in the world. Your professor surely knows a lot about your topic and it can be your muse. Asking some questions regarding your topic and actively listening to their answers will serve as inspiration for your paper. Do not be afraid of your teacher. The feedback you get from them will help you improve and develop your research paper even more. 

8. OWL at Purdue

If you have any questions regarding the format, the style, how to start a research paper, or choose your topic, then you should access OWL at Purdue. Even though it may sound that this educational resource has nothing to do with the topic we are talking about, it has. OWL is the acronym for Online Writing Lab at Purdue University in Indiana. It is a free website that offers you access to all kinds of articles and guides that will help you create a compelling and powerful research paper. 


Ending Note 

Writing a research paper can be done better by using these 8 educational resources. They will help you to write top research papers that present your ideas logically and coherently. Make sure you inform from high-authoritative sources. Do not forget about academic databases and your librarian who can support you with information. Your professor could be of huge help if you overcome the fear of asking them for advice and suggestions. Apart from these, make sure you check the readability and correctness of your research paper before submitting it.