A Complete Guide Of A Metal Compression Spring

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A Complete Guide Of A Metal Compression Spring

The spring is one of the first and simplest mechanical devices used from the past to store energy. Spring is a device that contracts or opens by applying pressure and then returns to normal immediately. So, for example, you can apply energy to a metal compression spring and extract energy from it after the spring reopens. 

Springs play an essential role in modern life. You can find them almost everywhere. A wide range of everyday equipment functions depends on the presence of springs. One type of industrial spring, known as the most common type of spring, is the spring’s metal compression spring. If you are looking to use compression springs for a particular application, you need to know more about them. In the continuation of this article, SOZN explains the compression springs.

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What is a metal compression spring?

Compression springs are helical springs designed to withstand the force exerted axially. Compression springs are very simple. When you think of springs, the image that comes to your mind from a spring is a compression spring. Although they are often mounted on a guide bar or mounted inside a hole, these springs can work independently.

One of the most widely used types of springs is the compression spring, which has many applications, including car shock absorbers and other items. The pressure of these springs depends on the spring wire’s material, the height of the spring circles, and the spring construction quality. Companies like SOZN can guarantee the quality of spring construction by having valid certificates.

Types of metal compression spring?

Although metal compression springs can be customized and are usually made in different sizes and shapes depending on the type of application, the following types can be named in general:

Convex springs: An example of convex springs can be barrel-shaped springs. In this type of springs, the spring circles’ diameter is not the same, and the two ends of the spring are narrow rings and wider in the middle of the spring. Manufacturers use convex springs when they need more stability and corrosion resistance as the springs decompress. Most applications that use them are in the automotive, furniture, and toy industries.

Concave springs: These types of compression springs are perfectly symmetrical due to their shape, which helps the spring stay focused at a certain point. These springs have a narrower coil in the middle of the spring at both ends. Hourglass springs can be named from this category of springs.

Conical springs: The shape of this type of metal spring is like a cone, i.e., the spring circles’ diameter decreases on one side. The conical shape of these springs allows them to be used in confined spaces.

Straight coil springs: These compression springs are almost similar to each person’s mentality and are the most common spring type. In this type of spring, the height between the coils and each layer’s diameter are equal.

Variable pitch springs: In this type of metal spring, the coils of the two ends of the spring have the same size, and the coils in the middle of the spring have different distances from the two ends.

Volute springs: These types of metal springs are also in the form of cones, with the difference that instead of using coils, twisted metal sheets or other materials are usually used in their production.

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How do metal compression springs work?

A compression spring is a mechanical device made of spiraling metal wires. The main function of these springs is to store energy and release it. They can also control the force and pressure between the two surfaces. Metal springs resist the force applied to them and store this compressive force.

Benefits of a metal compression spring

Metal compression spring is very powerful and can be designed and manufactured in numerous sizes. Different industries use a wide range of compression springs. Compression metal springs are almost everywhere!

Because companies like SOZN can produce custom compression springs and can produce these springs in almost any size. With varying degrees of stiffness, they are a valuable component in a wide range of applications. The small springs used in watches to the telephones and computers we use every day, to the larger metal springs found in the oil and gas industry.

In the SOZN group, one of the products produced with the latest devices and modern technology is the compression spring because they are widely used in all industries. Due to the brilliant history of SOZN in spring production, this company is ready to provide artisans services worldwide. If you want to get more information, the experts of this company can guide you well.