The Ultimate Guide to CEO Leadership

Rohan Mathew

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According to a 2013 survey, two-thirds of CEOs don’t get any outside advice on being a leader.

Despite this fact, the same study shows that 57.1% of chief executive officers (CEOs) would be open to leadership coaching input.

Here’s a look at four fundamental pieces of advice that can help add value to your CEO leadership.

Be Open to Continual Improvement

As with everything else in life, being a good leader is an active decision. No one arrives at being a great CEO by accident – it takes conscious effort.

Thus, the first step towards better leadership is setting yourself up to learn and grow continually. That can be through CEO leadership programs (such as this post that gives an in-depth look at the value of such programs), other formal training, and active mentorship.

It’s only when you have the internal drive to make regular leadership learning a lifestyle that you plumb the depths of your skills.

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Adopt a Robust Winner’s Mindset

As the CEO, you’re the pacesetter for your business. The attitude you convey is what your team will latch onto no matter what you tell them. As a leader, you must think positively and act like a winner.

However, winning isn’t only about coming in the first place. While that’s valuable for all your stakeholders, you need to rethink what winning means for you to rise as an inspiring leader.

For example, if you’re running a manufacturing firm, you can decide to go one step beyond being a market leader in your sector to a top slot in all industries. That reframes your definition of winning, and the effect ripples in your leadership.

Don’t Shy Away From Bold Moves

An inspiring leader is a decisive one. You’re paid to make critical decisions that move your firm ahead, which has to involve bold choices.

But what do bold moves look like?

On average, a bold move leads to a shift of 30% above the industry median. CEOs who train themselves to become comfortable with bold moves are in pole position to strike early in their tenure and turn the tide significantly in their firm’s favor.

Furthermore, CEOs who learn to take bold but well-calculated actions repeatedly in their tenure stand a better chance of fending off declining performance.

Upend the Hierarchy

One of the best CEO tips you’ll ever get is remembering you work for those you lead and not the other way around. CEOs who exemplify servant leadership foster a company culture revolving around service.

When those you lead see that your high position on the leadership chain doesn’t fog your viewpoint, you galvanize your people. Your leadership ethos then transforms into inclusion that drives phenomenal results.

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Continual Growth Is the Backbone of Exceptional CEO Leadership

Many chief executives are open to CEO leadership coaching if only they can gain access to the right training. As a CEO, you need to invest in continual learning to overcome leadership blindspots and significantly impact your organization.

Knowing why coaching matters and when to get it is one of the many things you should figure out as a CEO. Our website features business information to help entrepreneurs become successful. Check out more of our articles today for tips, tricks, and knowledge that can help you expand your business.