A Gamer’s Guide: 5 Amazing Weapons From Guardian Tales

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A Gamer’s Guide

Fantasy gaming is one of the most played games in this generation because it brings gamers to a whole new level of imagination and strategy. Every game in this genre has built a household name for itself, and it has even inspired gaming conventions and tournaments. 

Guardian Tales is one of the rising fantasy games since the pandemic started, and it is perfect for an adventurous gamer. Developed by Kong studios, this game came out in Southeast Asian countries. Then it was introduced to the rest of the world in late 2020. Just like other fantasy games, they also created their characters. You must check out the Guardian Tales tier list to know more about them and some of the amazing weapons you can use to beat enemies. 

1. Slay the Furious Enemies with the One-Handed Sword 

Almost all fantasy games have the sword as their popular weapon. Each game creator has their vision of design, features, and power inspired by the game itself. Since Guardian Tales has anime line characters, the swords were inspired by The Samurai’s sword. 

The characters are called Heroes who can take hold of the sword in the game. Although they are lightweight and short, players can use this alongside the shield. The one-handed sword is also perfect for beginners because it is easy to control and master.

2. Shoot in Long Distances with the Rifle

The rifle is one of the most dangerous weapons in real life. It is used by police or soldiers during wars. The power a rifle holds inspired game creators to include this modern weapon in the game. But gamers should know that playing with these weapons in-game is fun, but should never be done in real life.

The rifle in Guardian Tales is a long black one and has glowing blue elements on the handle. Its machine gun-like features can threaten every game enemy, especially its power to shoot at a wide range. The rifles are classified depending on the damage they can bring. The Epic guns are ranked the highest with five stars. There are also the legends which are graded with four stars, Unique and Rare with three stars. Lastly, Normal guns are ranked one, but it does not mean it is useless or weak. 

3. Exercise Your Accuracy with the Bow and Arrow

Aside from the guns, the bow and arrow is also the perfect weapon to fire at distant enemies. In the Guardian Tales game, the bow is made of elastic, while the arrows are created in long-shafted projectiles. This weapon was used during many ancient wars in real life. That is why the game creators were inspired to include the bow and arrow in this fantasy game. 

The Unique Heroes of the game who use the bow and arrow include, Tinia the dancing archer, Garam, the nine-tailed fox, Gabriel the Archangel, and Knight the future. Some Rare and Normal heroes like Catherine, Linda, Leah also consider the bow and arrow their strong weapon. 

The epic bows category is the highest ranking in the entire game. The bows’ powers include desert rain, thunderbird, sanctuary, patron-saint, and arcane beam. And the legend bows category is the second-highest in ranking and has the most bows and arrows. 

They execute powerful skills like support fire, summon phoenix, and dark laser. The Rare and Normal bows are usually for beginner gamers. Because it is the easiest to work, and it is still as powerful. 

4. Battle in Style with the Staff

The staff is usually a long stick designed to match the clothing and overall personality of a character. It is usually a walking guide for older characters in movies or games, but the gaming world also wanted it to become a weapon. Each staff executes different attacks and possesses magical powers in the Guardian Tales game. 

If the staff is the dominant weapon in a round, it means it is filled with vigorous female characters. All the unique heroes using this as the main weapon are all girls, namely Eva, Lupina, Princess, Veronica, and Lucy.

Some powerful staff weapons include the Amarok that tempest time and space. The Messiah used by Archpriestess Veronica possesses divine stigma. Another Legend weapon is the Justice staff, exclusive for Knight Captain Eva, and can execute a spear impact. These are only some of the many staff weapons the women characters use, and there are staff weapon types more to know. 

5. Make the Most Out of Your Resources with the Basket 

We all know that a basket is not a battle weapon at all. But the Guardian Tales creator wanted to add it to the list. Every game character is traveling and bringing other things besides their weapons. So the basket is the perfect item for their convenience. The basket is inspired by the real-life one, which is interwoven and made of wire or cane. The Heroes can use it in carrying their fans, equipment, food, and even instruments. 

The unique heroes who bring along baskets are Bari, the flower girl, Nari the eight-tailed fox, Miya the exorcist, Noxia, the necromancer, and Eleanor, the goddess of wealth. The Rare and Normal heroes like Loraine, Favi, Gremory, Peggy, Ailie also have access to this item.

Even the baskets in the Guardian Tales have rankings. The Legend baskets have skills like the flower bomb, fox fire bomb, touch of afterlife guide, glory waltz, and frozen core. 


If you are a gamer that wants to explore freshly released games, you might want to try playing Guardian Tales. It is also the perfect game if you love Asian culture, especially Korean and Japanese. This fantasy will bring you into a whole new fantasy game filled with different characters and weapons. 

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