Complete equipment for orthodontics

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Complete equipment for orthodontics


Orthodontics is a treatment for abnormalities in the alignment of teeth. make the teeth in the proper position to make the teeth look better. As a result, the occlusion of food is efficient. Reduces risk factors for tooth decay or gum disease. Because well-aligned teeth will make it easier to clean your teeth. and help to enhance your personality as well.

What is the cause of abnormal teeth grinding?

  1. Caused by heredity

It is caused by the inheritance of traits shape and number of teeth.                                                                                                         The size and position of the jaws from parents, grandparents to their children, such as missing teeth, excess teeth, the correlation between tooth size and jaw size, such as large teeth in a small jaw. will cause overlapping of teeth or vice versa small teeth but large jaws. There will be a gap between the teeth. In addition, malocclusion is caused by congenital abnormalities such as the cleft palate and cleft palate. There is also a genetic inheritance.Wholesale teeth whitening kit is suitable for home use. If we use this kit, we will keep ourselves safe from all teeth problems.

  1. Environmental causes

Include abnormal habits such as finger sucking, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, tooth loss, and no replacement teeth. Causing a nearby tooth to fall or no place or an accident on the face. It can cause abnormalities in occlusal teeth.

 Warning signs that you should have braces

  •         Abnormal tooth contact, unable to chew food easily
  •         There are teeth that are overlapping, jagged or are in the wrong position.
  •         There is an abnormally fast or slow eruption of baby teeth.
  •         Frequent biting of the roof of the mouth or the bulge of the cheek
  •         There is a sound of jaw joints.
  •         mouth breathing
  •         abnormal teeth and jaws not suitable for face shape

Which teeth need orthodontics?

  •         upper teeth overhang
  •         The lower teeth protrude over the upper teeth.
  •         straggling teeth front open incisor / Lateral open incisorcrooked teeth
  •         gaping teeth
  •         overlapping teeth
  •         deep teeth

AGE APPROPRIATE FOR ORTHODONTICSAt At what age did you start orthodontics?

 Fixed orthodontics can start orthodontics when the permanent teeth are complete, around the age of 12-14 years. The first permanent teeth formed at the age of 6 are the lower incisors and molar teeth following the milk molar teeth. a large molar tooth Many parents may think that it is milk teeth. so didn’t care Many times I found that when I came to consult with orthodontics, it had decayed until it had penetrated the nerve cavity. complicates the treatment plan.

 Therefore, it can be seen that until the milk teeth and teeth whitening kit manufacturer are completely help in this process, it takes 6 years to change to a complete set of permanent teeth. In addition to checking for cavities, scaling, filling the teeth, you can also see the development of teeth. which, if found anything unusual can be sent to consult an orthodontist early for some problems, such as gaps in the upper front teeth 8-9 years old is normal This is because the jaws are enlarged to provide enough space for the larger permanent teeth to come up. This gap gradually shrinks as the pair of upper front teeth rise and close when the upper canines grow at 11-12 years of age or certain behaviors that may affect the development of teeth and jaws, such as past 6 years of age, but still suck. finger stay likes to bite lips will cause the upper teeth to protrude The lower front teeth can fall.

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 In conclusion, orthodontics can be started when the permanent teeth are complete, around the age of 12-14 years. The best period is From this age to 20 years because it is still growing. Fixing it would be easy. Teeth move quickly, difficult cases move a lot of teeth. who didn’t think it could be done in a short time?

 If it starts too early.This will make the treatment unnecessarily long because we have to wait to see if the permanent teeth are complete before removing the tools. Check to see if the teeth come up in the correct position or not. Will the retainer’s wire position block the teeth that are about to come up? And having tools in your mouth makes cleaning difficult.

If it starts too late.This may make it impossible for some types of occlusal teeth to be dependent on growth. may have to end with surgery For example, which is often the case where the teeth protrude. There is a small mandible during the age of 12-14 years when the mandible will grow a lot. It is easier to treat protruding teeth during this period because the lower jaw tends to grow forward.

Can orthodontics be done in adults?

It can be done because the principle is to apply the force to the tooth in the right amount and long enough to allow the tooth to move according to the applied force. but will move more slowly than in younger people because of hard bones. There are few bone cells left and they are not active. In simple comparison, when broken bones, young and old, the child will heal faster.