A Guide to the Top Types of Business Administration Careers

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You’re thinking of pursuing a different career path. You’re considering getting a certificate for business administration. But before you go down that road, you want to make sure that it will be fruitful.

What kinds of business administration jobs are available out there, anyway? There are quite a few, the best of which include the following.

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  1. Office Administrator

An office administrator is responsible for all kinds of office-related tasks, from conversing with clients to financial planning to record-keeping and more. They’re essentially responsible for keeping the office running.

Just about every office needs an office administrator, so there are ample available jobs in this field. Salaries start at around $30,000 but can exceed $60,000.

  1. HR Manager

An HR manager, or Human Resources manager, is responsible for serving the employees of a business, ensuring that they’re getting everything they need to succeed and that they feel comfortable in their work environment.

HR managers can make anything from $50,000 to $100,000 a year and sometimes more. Note, though, that the company you work for will have a large bearing on how much money you bring in.

  1. Procurement Officer

A procurement officer is responsible for purchasing items that keep a business operational. For instance, a procurement officer for a restaurant would be responsible for purchasing cups and plates.

There are a number of skills required for this career, including analytical skills and accounting skills. The goal of the procurement officer is to balance quality and price so that the company gets high-quality resources without breaking the bank.

The salary of a procurement officer? Generally around $50,000 a year.

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  1. Franchising Manager

Another career that you can pursue with a business administration degree is the career of franchising manager. Franchise managers run the franchising department of their respective companies. They work with franchisees to ensure that their franchises are as functional as possible.

The salaries of franchising managers can fluctuate wildly. Some make as little as $30,000 a year. Others make well over $100,000 a year.

  1. Advertising Executive

If you’re into marketing, you could pursue a career as an advertising executive. Advertising executives handle client accounts, speaking over the phone, and acting as the connection between the client and the marketing team.

Advertising executive salaries can fluctuate greatly. On the low side, they pay around $40,000 a year. On the high side, they can pay over $300,000. It’s all about the company you work for.

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These Business Administration Jobs Can Change Your Life

If you’re looking for a more secure life, pursuing these business administration jobs could be the key. Not only do these jobs pay well, but they can be quite rewarding as well.

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