Advantages of Using The Share Document Function of PDF Bear

Rohan Mathew

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PDF Bear is capable of sharing your files in a few clicks without any trouble. The procedure is relatively easy to follow, and you can do it in less than 30 seconds. Suppose your concern is the confidentiality of your files. In that case, there’s no need to worry because this software will erase all the downloaded and uploaded files immediately after an hour on the system. So here are the advantages of using the share document function of PDF Bear.

Most Secure Method in Sharing Your Documents

Sharing your documents to others should be fast and easy. If your goal is to cut the processing time in sharing files with other individuals anywhere and anytime, you should start using this tool from PDF Bear and send those files through email or links to other people.

PDF Bear is the most secure and safest way to handle your documents because its system will automatically remove your files after 60 minutes. In addition to that, this software uses the 256 bit AES encryption to guarantee your file’s privacy and confidentiality. So here’s how you can use the document sharing tool of PDF Bear easily:

  1. Drag or upload the files that you have to share.
  2. Provide the information and email address of the receiver.
  3. You can choose to add a message.
  4. Send your documents directly via emails or share your link with others.

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Compatible With All Platforms

This software is the handiest and most convenient PDF handling tool the many people access using their computers. Every PDF Bear features, mainly Share Document, can be accessed in operating systems like Mac, Windows, or Linux.  With the help of the internet, using the tools of PDF Bear is possible through your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and other internet-connected devices.

Easy to Follow Process

Sharing your documents using other tools might be challenging. Still, with this feature from PDF Bear, you can perform the procedure in less than a minute and start sharing your documents with other people conveniently. With that said, PDF Bear is effective, fast, and convenient when it comes to handling your PDFs.

PDF Bear Has The Cloud System

With this kind of technology, PDF Bear will allow you to share your files with other people easily. The device you will use won’t matter when you try to access PDF Bear because you only have to upload the documents to its system, and after that, this software will manage everything for you.

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Efficient Procedure

Using the tools of this platform is a convenient way to handle your PDFs. When you process your documents, there’s nothing to worry about their quality to be sacrificed because PDF Bear will maintain the documents’ quality after all the process. With that said, PDF Bear is capable of preserving your files from the original quality. Start using this feature and share your files quickly and efficiently.


Sharing your files should be convenient and easy. If you need a tool that you can safely use, then start using PDF Bear. This platform is the most secure and safest tool to use, and many would recommend using it. Besides the Share Document tool, PDF Bear can also convert, merge, compress, rotate, protect, and even split your PDF without applying much effort.